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Roo do Doodle


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So I'm new, and between RPing all I ever do is doodle cute things. So have a cute thing! I'll keep posting stuff here as I draw them. 








Commission List:


1. Kyatai

2. Val

3. Ha'uruh Nunh


Waiting List:

none WOO

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yay!!!!!  :love::love::love::love:


I will be sending you details when I figure out what i want :P

How do you like to be paid? Before working on it or upon delivery?

 I normally do about half at the start and half at the end. Giving updates and checks in between. All pay is through Paypal and USD. :thumbsup:

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Just finished this commish for the friendly Jaques. Lot's-o-fun and my first FFXIV character related one. Yay! 


I'll update the list on the first page now. But as a heads up I can be a bit slow when doing commissions. Full color with lots characters can take upward to 3+ weeks. Just as a heads up. :3

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