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2.38 - What's changed? Awesome things that are happening


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Note: Do -NOT- post about Personal housing or, for that matter, FC housing. Housing or personal rooms in general. Until the moratorium end. Thank you. have a good day.


We've got the Nexus items!


And (mostly) nice weapons unsheathed idle poses!


have a good look at some of the Nexus items.







For the rest



I learned yesterday that some people will actually forget to attack moogles in HM which will cause king moggle mog to wipe your entire party with Moogle Memento.


Seriously people. Don't push phases on things with enrage.


Like King Moggle Mog.


Push on Garuda.


Do not push Levi. Do not push Titan or Ifrit when nails are up.

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Pharos now plays the opening segment for the duration of the dungeon.


Syrcus now hurls oil, sand and UAT at you.


I've run Pharos like 3 times in my life.

I hated it each time.

Probably because Franz loves to torture me.



Syrcus with guaranteed UAT, sands and oil has been AWESOME.

I scholared in end-game 50 in my first ST run since 2.38. Got one of the 2 sands. Everyone basically guarantees phase pushing. I think it's possible to actually skip curtain call. Or I was dead. I had the snake on me and when I popped I died. Then the other SCH died. Then most of my party died while Alliances A and C were happy to let adds run rampant.

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I'm honestly disappointed with /hug and /slap not having a confirm prompt for the target of the emote. Both IC and OOC, I am not fond of physical contact, be it real or virtual.


I logged in and first thing that happened was a random stranger running to me and first slapping then hugging my character. It was really annoying that I could do nothing but let him do it :(... 


Interactive emotes should have a confirmation prompt much like Trade does, but that's how I see it at least. Thankfully, 90% of roleplayers are kind enough to send me tells and ask me if they can perform certain physical actions on my character, and when that happens I'm usually good to go along with it. But when it's random and uncalled for, meh...

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Pharos's music repeats now? How cool is that?


The weapon changeposes are pretty cool, though the female miqo'te secondary for Monk is... not good. Lancer, on the other hand, is awesome. Conjurer is fairly cute, IMO.


What I've been doing for /hug is combining it consent-requesting emotes, to the effect of:


/em reaches forward, trying to ensnare So-And-So in a hug!


If the person emotes getting hugged, I'll do /hug motion to produce the visual. If they don't, I won't. This is probably a lot more work than it has to be, though.


The massive number of sands, oils, and UATs in Syrcus is a nice touch and makes it even harder to know what roll on! #i90+Problems, indeed. :)

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am I the only one who hates the glows?


Cuz I do. SE is trying to make us all blind.


You're not the only one. It feel like it's lazy weapon design to just slap on more glows and sparklies on the weapons to make them look more epic instead of just redesigning them to look cooler. They just look kind of blinding and silly now.


That said, I will still shake my fist to the sky at SE for not giving me my gorram Atmas after months and months of helpless grinding.


Also, I silently squee when I have Tiergan do his paladin battle /cpose because he looks so incredibly pissed off while standing there. :V

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I think the weapon glows (and the augmented robe/armor glows) are neat! But I feel like if this trend keeps up with future updates, we're all just going to be walking around, glowy balls of light that RP and interact with each other. :lol:


In response to what FreelanceWizard said about customizing colors/brightness of the glow, I think I read somewhere recently that they're looking into making it such that you can glamour previous iterations of the zodiac weapons if you preferred them more. I actually like a couple of the animus glows better than the novus glows.

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