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Treasure Hunt (10/25)


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Hey there,


It’s me again, the girl who is too shy and whose brain doesn’t manage to follow the text when it’s scrolling too fast. As I explained in > this topic < we're going to do small events to allow people meeting some other roleplayers ICly. And this is the second of those.


IC Context :

While planting some new flowers in their garden, the Lunae Candentia’s members found some bottles with some half erased layouts accompanied by riddles. Thinking that they wouldn’t be able to find out exactly what it is alone, they decided to call for adventurers willing to work together to solve those riddles and to discover what are those layouts about.



We will do a treasure hunt grouping people by three or four (so they would be able to talk easily and not being overwhelmed by the text). Point will be to form a team, exploiting each others knowledge IC (and sometimes OOC), to find the materials pointed by some riddles.


The Event :

- The meeting will be at the Luna Chamber’s Cellarage, Lavender beds, ward 5, plot 20.

- The event will be opened for max 16 people (4 teams), as I explained in > this topic < 13 invitations will go to the first who says they want to participate (+ waiting list), 1 for the one who REAAAAALLY wanna come for a reason or another (don't forget to pm me) and 2 for the > Open RP Linkshell <.

- As this Treasure Hunt will result on collecting some materials, we will need at least 1 miner and/or 1 botanist on every team to make sure that you won’t have any troubles collecting everything. For this reason, the teams will be prepared beforehand even though you won’t know anything about those before the event will begin.

- As the goal of this event remains the same as the others (meeting new people in a different way), we won’t accept some pre made groups, if you come with friends, there is no certainty that you will be in the same team.

- Every material needed will be pointed by a riddle. The amount you will need will be said at the end of it and will be per member of the team (so if your team has 4 members, you need 4x this amount). Nothing impossible or costing mythology will be asked.

- Once you will get back every materials, I will craft the result for you and you will keep it of course !


The Progression :

- Once the teams will be formed, a first riddle will be given to each one of those (Yes ! You won’t have the same riddles !), you will be free to stay discussing in the meeting place or in another part of the house (even the chambers) or even to leave.

- You will be allowed to ask for a clue after 20mn if you really struggle ! This second riddle will point more particularly the place or the monster to kill, don’t hesitate to talk OOC as well and to use a database.

- Once you have the material asked, you will come back at the house, if it’s the right one, another riddle will be given, if not, we’ll give you some other clues.

- Once you will have brought back all the materials, Ilwe’ran (It’s me ! I’m an IC crafter !) will craft the result for you.


The Chat :

- During the meeting, we will be all together and will all talk in /s, so please keep in mind that there will be many people talking at the same time so :

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa: Avoid cutting

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa: your sentences

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa: to avoid the

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa: chat scrolling

Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa: too fast.

Make long sentences instead which will gather all what you want to say at once :) .

- If you’re not at ease because everybody will talk at the same time and we’ll be a lot, don’t hesitate to change room with your team once you have your riddle. This can totally be discussed in your party.

- If you call for a clue, you will have to invite Ilwe’ran or Nebula in your party. The Party chat will be considered as a linkshell (we don’t want to force anybody to free a Linkshell slot for that event). If we manage to have two helpers, this might change =3 !


The Place :

I’ll update that part once I will be done with the organisation of the cellarage.


Sneak peek of the Meeting Area :







Sneak peek of the Study Room :






The Helpers :

- If you want to help us to organize this please say it ! Your job will be to help us creating the riddles, forming the team with us and being there to accompany the teams which will come back between two riddles in the meeting area !

- If we get 2 helpers for this event, we might consider adding 1 helper in every party. He will have the bottle with him with the layout and all the riddles as well as the answers of those to help the team to find each item and RP as well !



To conclude :

- Where : Luna Chamber, Lavender beds, ward 5, plot 20.

- When : 25th October, 4PM EDT (use https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ to convert to your time ^^).

- Who : 13 invitations here, 2 for the Open RP LS, 1 for you, yes you the one who REAAAALLY wanna come. Please, precise if you’re a Botanist / Miner, what is your lvl on those classes and on your “fighting” class. This will help us to adapt the layout, the materials needed and the riddle.


Invitations :

  • Azami Lihzeh (Bota 27 - Fight 50)
  • William Harrowton (fight 50)
  • Reretha Retha (Miner/Bota 50 - Fight 50)
  • Carina Lir (Miner 20/Bota 34 - Fight 50)
  • Misha Jinhri (Fight 50)
  • Jaques Guillaume (Miner/Bota 50 - Fight 50)
  • Deverell Jinx (Fight 50)
  • Jana Ridah (Fight 50)
  • Vaughn Antain (Miner/Bota 50 - Fight 50)


Any questions ? Please feel free to ask, I'll update the topic if it's necessary =3 !

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I'd like to express my interest in this particular event, if there happens to be any room left. I don't really have any high level gathering classes (besides Fisher, which is about 32-ish) but I DO have a DoM class at 50.


For clarity's sake:

  • Fisher (FSH) - 33
  • Arcanist (ACN) - 50
  • Miner (MIN) - 35


Edit: Levelled my Miner recently, updated this post to reflect this.

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We've already spoken about this but I figure I'll make it official...


I get home from work two hours after this event starts. If there's still a slot left then (or if someone leaves) I'd like to participate. ♥


Hmm, you can always come watch the results while we chat about stuff and comment on them from afar?

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Up\o/ ! It's this afternoon, 4PM EST :) !

I updated the first post to show a sneek peak of the Meeting Area.


We'll remind and explain the rule of the treasure hunt directly during the event. I'll post a message on this topic once done so everybody will be able to read it again if lost.


Lets have fun all together :) !

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