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PSA - Highlanders can have eyebrows

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Okay, I feel this is important enough to warrant mention, because I honestly don't know how many people know. There are eyebrows for Highlanders under face paint. You can either make them light or dark, too. Kale has some.


However, you must sacrifice not having a facial tattoo. Fine by me...facial tattoos are for edgelords anyway! /muttermutter

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The paint isn't really eyebrows though. It doesn't work well with all hairstyles and faces. 


fun fact: SE only added it in because people complain about it in the beta of 2.0. 


...somehow giving Highlanders actual eyesbrows was a PS3 limitation. ...like taking away everyone's butts.

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...I also want to know how you avoided Highlander Samefaces 1 and 2. =D


Yeah, I have absolutely no fucking clue why my character's face isn't more common; when I step back and try to be objective, it seems fine. I knew going in I wanted to play a realistic tough male, and that face spoke to me as the most down-to-earth (yeah I probably shouldn't be playing a Final Fantasy game). The one that 99% of Highlander males have (that's Sameface 1 I'm guessing? I don't actually know Sameface 2...) looks way way way too caricature for my strictly personal tastes. If I wanted to play an action figure I'd pick it, it just...tbqh it looks bloody terrible to me lol. How Westerners define traditional "masculine"* men does not seem to be a thing in Japanese aesthetic. Or rather, it's either Bishonen Male or Overcompensating Male in anime design. Pick one.


*tumblr pls to not kill me


The thing that makes me sad about those is that if you use a light color like blond or white, it's *really* obvious it's facepaint. :(




Go Ambiguously Brown!

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I chose the face because I liked it, plain and simple. There's only a few options around, so there's a lot of 'samefacing' going around everywhere. I did what I could to make Berrod my own (face paint, lip color) and I was pleased. It doesn't matter to me whether other people have the same face, this is the face -I- wanted, the face that screamed out 'Highlander' to me. The red eyebrows are laughable at best. It works wonderfully with brown and black hair, but red? Nah. I've gone between pretending he has eyebrows to working with the fact that he doesn't -- one day I'll make up my mind. It's such a silly, small detail that really doesn't affect most of my roleplay at all. I got too much shit to write to fuss over eyebrows and 'sameface'. But that's just me!

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Not really a fan of the face paint eyebrows cause it looks like your character (not yours in particular just any character.) dunked their thumbs into a paint can and ran them above their eyes and called it good.


I'm with Berrod though.


"It's such a silly, small detail that really doesn't affect most of my roleplay at all. I got too much shit to write to fuss over eyebrows and 'sameface'. But that's just me!"

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Ogod, I just tried out the 'eyebrow facepaint' on the Highlander face we are referring to. Yep, looks terrible, particularly because that brow has such a damned sharp edge, the 'facepaint' overlaps both sides. 


Looks okay on the other three though.

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Now, when FFXIV will no longer be on the PS3.


Imagine all the possibilities.


Prepare thy pants


W-wait What?


Please don't play with my emotions, that's happening? T_T


Yoshi-P has said they might consider discontinuing the PS3 version. But it certainly wouldn't happen until after 3.0 comes out.

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Tarot got REEAALLLYYY lucky.


I originally made Tarot a Midlander BECAUSE of the eyebrow thing. He's always been a bigger guy (long story involving Champions Online game models), so I had to sacrifice size for the face I needed. Plus the Midlander sitting poses and the like came across as particularly smarmy.


However, when I saw the tattooed eyebrows, I flipped and immediately used a Fantasia. And despite the loss of the hairstyle I wanted for Tarot, I managed to get his eyebrows. He had thick eyebrows anyway, and thankfully, dark hair, which means he looks perfectly awesome with the painted on brows.


Sorry Blondies!

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There have been mention of discontinuing FFXIV for the PS3 due to them saying that what they have planned is too 'hindering' due to PS3 standards.


Speculation that PS3 players can still play FFXIV, they just won't be able to play past 3.0. Meaning that they'll be stuck playing on whenever 2.0 ends and back.


Again, speculation is speculation. Regardless, sorry PS3 players. :(

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...somehow giving Highlanders actual eyesbrows was a PS3 limitation. ...like taking away everyone's butts.


If this is actually the defense they used, then they straight up lied. Anytime a developer says "We can't code X, because Y doesn't support Z", it just means they are too lazy to do it properly.


The PS3 is just a PC with fixed hardware. If anything it should be EASIER to accomplish because they don't have to account for 500 different hardware drivers.


Case in point, Blizzard said in BC that they could never bring flying to the old world because it was not coded for it. But they did it anyway come Cataclysm.

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