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Looking for Some Connections!

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I never really post because this is a little out of my comfort zone, but here goes.


I'm currently looking for some connections for my voidtouched miqo'te (who you may or may not have seen slinking around before)! Ideally I am seeking out fellow voidtouched, or villainous characters in general for social RP/potential plot/making trouble. I'm also open for her to be employed by anyone morally ambiguous or not, she's always looking to make some gil to fuel her inclination towards expensive red wine.


There's a -lot- of information regarding my character in her wiki, and I'd be inclined to roleplay with others that are from the Vulture tribe (which would be relatively interesting).

Liandri can be (somewhat) difficult to work with, so please keep that in mind! Neutral evil characters generally tend to be, I suppose.


Activity-wise, I'm around a lot, although my time-zone is GMT/BST. Feel free to send me a /tell in-game (Liandri Mei) or give me a private message for my Skype ID!

I will be away for London FanFest from Friday - Sunday, so if I don't reply instantly you have my sincerest of apologies, but I will be sobbing over seeing Yoshi P in the flesh~

(In other words, as of this evening, I likely won't be around until Sunday evening/night - if I'm not completely dead).


Thank you!

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Oooo! I love your roleplay! Will RP with you anytime! :3

You're biased, hush ;D


Hiya Li :-3


Nice to see you on the site! <3 Lotsa cool people on here that I'm sure you'll like and that you'll find a lot of good RP with. There's also the RP forums where you can make an open RP thread! My first one I got swamped my Elezen. Lots and lots of Elezen :blush:


Mwah! :love:

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Saw this earlier today and almost forgot to reply after getting home! But I'd like to offer up Xheja for RP! She's a subtly villainous, Void-touched miqo'te as well, though her corruption at this point is so thorough that she probably skews more towards a Voidsent-in-sheep's-clothing than a normal person. She normally goes to great lengths to conceal it from others - bad for business, y'know? - but we could talk it over and figure something out if you wanted to get some interaction or plot or something going! Just give me a nudge in-game sometime if you're interested, and enjoy Fan Fast. ^^

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Just popped on quickly to check emails before I head to London, and thank you everyone!


As soon as I get back on Sunday I'll give the two of you a gentle nudge (Xheja and Faye). I have a few ideas, it's just a matter of refining them into a coherent sentence, or several. Lucky for me I have some time to think.


Thank you so much ^^

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i'll lurk about some and should you ever want a chance to rp just lemme know and i'll meander on by sometime :) I have a bad habit of getting caught up in the grindmode lol


Aaaack, you're telling me. I must cook things! But I'll be around more this week as I should (hopefully) have stopped coughing relentlessly as if my lungs want to escape my body. Sadly my neglect during illness has led to some creeping plotlines looming over my head like a bad smell.


How does being void-touched work anyway?


Ultimately it is up to the player. Usually insanity will ensue at some point, although that can be entirely objective within itself. And in all honesty, I don't quite know how to answer your question given it is quite broad, but I'll explain in terms of my character.


- She's drawn to anything void-related. Yes, that means Ahriman are somewhat adorable, despite her uses for them.

- Her primary goals are for the void, and the betterment of it. Whether or not that means actively seeking to close or open rifts that lead into the void.

- If the opportunity arises, she'll drain aether from anyone or anything. Aether is like a drug, and she's an absolute junkie.


From the people I've met that play corrupted characters, likely the same thing always occurs. They're grimdark and broody, and if they're not, they're nigh insane.


I swear I get this question at least once a week, and every time I come out with a different reply dependant on my mood, today I'm cynical!

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As a representative of the RP-FC Arcadeus, Liandri would make an excellent villain that we could RP against (or a good ally if she wants to help make the world a better place, lol.)


While I am not one for advertisements, I will say this. Arcadeus is a fledgling group of comrade's (soon to eventually be an organization) that have decided to work in the shadows as Voidsent hunter's and Huntresses and protector's of the realm, fighting against the dark forces of the void, anyone who would cohort with Voidsent or their dark magic and defending the realm when we are not. (we also run an inn/tavern/clinic as a front for the group at their headquarters.)


So generally, if you want to RP as an atagonist of some sort or be an ally, we would be more than happy to RP with you.


Give me a PM when you are online and im online. Ill be on around 3-3:30pm CMT if you're interested.

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Lost River would love to inspect/dissect your void touched; being a Black Mage, she dealt with those on regular basis. 



On a serious note; definitely. Lost River would be interested, especially if the void-touched has remained conscious and control of themselves instead of simply a full slave.

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