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Request for larger, splintering RP.

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In an effort to get more storylines going that include FC interactions, and all that good stuff, going to be starting up a storyline here soon.  The hope is that this will also serve as a prompt for various side storylines, and even include major interaction and even some conflict between various groups.


So bare bones here's the premise


Crate of questionable goods gets stopped, morally grey area because the action that goes into gathering them is promoted, but gathering them is rather disgusting.  Completely unsure why they're being gathered (that'll be in the main story for it)


Side stories from it (that will of course be the main story for those involved, and this won't cover all of them.)


-> Gathering more of them for profit

-> Stopping whoever's gathering them for most likely moral reasons

-> Investigation on who's financing their purchase, and why

-> Possible political about whether or not its even illegal, and work one way or another.

-> Someday in the future if the over-arching plan doesn't get stopped, stopping that.


This definitely doesn't cover all of them, but these would be easy to break out stories, hoping for a bigger deal


What I would like for roleplayers

-> Merchants, for both side of the moral stance of this.  Not too many though, as its not an easy thing to gather.

-> Morally questionable mercenaries

-> Law enforcing figures, for both sides of the moral stance.

-> Undercover Garleans or Garlean sympathizers.

-> Anyone else who wants to be involved


I'm a firm believer of players getting the most enjoyment from a story when they OoCly know as little as needed, and learn as they go so if you want to know more please message me as I'm not 100 percent how to do the spoiler hiding thing. 


General Power level will be up to the actual players to figure out which is another reason I'm hoping to get more than a few people involved.

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That's the point right there. Going to be starting the catalyst event soon, but wanted to throw up this thread to get the info out to more people.  As I'm sure you can assume, this is hopefully (and ICly should) cause more than a few ripples.

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The more people we can get involved, the better.  Ravenstar isn't all that well known among other FCs i don't think, but we are always open for any kind of RP.  =D (and yes, this is a thing being hosted by a member of Ravenstar.  I'm letting them have full reins (i'm just as much in the dark as anyone else really, i just know a few basics.  xD ) of this event).


Another thing we'll definately have to keep in mind and work with is possibly different style or rp event playstyles.  Everyone does things differently so we'll have to see who's all involved and if there's something we can all agree on.  =)

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I'd say that this could be a very good idea, because there are a lot of variables that would affect a lot of different people. 


For one, the pursuit of Garlean Third-eyes is something that may have ethical implications for those collecting them as stated, but also the idea of rules of engagement. Are the people collecting them killing prisoners, or are they a by-product of their anti-Garlean operations? Are they targetting only military personnel? Will they take the eyes from defectors? All of these questions would be answered during the story, and perhaps would create points of contention for more people to get involved in a more pro-active way. One question that also needs to be answered, is what are they collecting them for?


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(response to above post)


That's something I definitely want to touch on later.  If I came up with an answer now it would be too easy to ruin it.  Also if we get enough people involved, then it might even be multiple things, depending on who's collecting them.  I've got a few ideas for my NPC's though, taking stock of participation first.

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Alright with all the interest I'm hearing, definitely going to go as large as I'd hoped.  Please send me a message here for information, or Oswain Gerralt if I'm online.

But here is the only way I can communicate while I'm at work.

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For those who are interested, the story has begun.  Message me here or in game and I can give you details about what's happening in the world in this storyline, trying to avoid using many major NPC's which is what players are for.  Literally no matter what you are, what you do, there's a spot for you.


Messaging me here will get you a more detailed response faster since I can do this while at work but can't log into game.

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