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Farewell $18, hello Balmung


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Hello! I've been playing since March, and the RP community has tempted me a lot so I've finally taken the plunge and transferred.


My MMO background is mainly Guild Wars and City of Heroes, with a bunch of random F2Ps sprinkled in here and there. As for RP, I couldn't tell you how much time I've spent making icons for my characters on LJ. But all of those things were a fairly long time ago, so making a comeback in one demands one for the other, right?


I'm still changing half of Roro's character traits every five minutes, but I look forward to bringing my little space case out into the world soon. Please take good care of us!

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Hello to all the residents in your wee little Lala head! :3


I'm sure you'll find Balmung worthy of the $18 spent. The RP is bountiful and generally not too insular as to shove everyone out that you don't have connections with. For the most part.


To wit, if you'd like to speak with a very tall Roelady, feel free to give Steel Wolf a poke.


Have funs! <3

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Look at that fluffy pink hair!




Welcome to Balmung, don't be shy. The community is pretty damn friendly, and there's pretty much a niche for everyone. :)


Don't listen to the crook. We're full, get out.


(I'm one of the resident grumps. Welcome aboard.)








shocked and dismayed.

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