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Coerthas RP? Any of it?

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For a lot of reasons I can flesh out IC/OOC Otto wants and needs to be the fuck away from cities for a while. I've been on a massive PVE binge since the last patch, farming the fuck out of SCOB for glamour and Im done basically with it. So I want to say Ive basically been in Coerthas the whole time, just sort of up and left - stormed out of Ul'Dah with a massive "fuck this city and everything in it" for a while.


So...the RP would involve me having alrady been in Coerthas for a couple of weeks just sort of decompressing.


What I am looking for is RP of any kind really. For any reason if you were up there traveling and take a pit stop and I run into you - or your fishing - adventuring I dont care. I think the atmosphere of Coerthas could help make it interesting. Total strangers to me IC/OOC welcome I dont even care. Just something.


Any ideas or any takers?

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If you get to Mor Dhona, Nebbs goes big frog hunting there. Just don't kiss them, who needs giant princess popping up like Agrippa.


She can be seen in Corthos with Ilwe often, collecting Drake tears, and the like. Also using the observatory for stargazing and fortune telling.

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I would love to eventually Otto, but I think Evangeline would get murdered by inquisitors if she goes back now.


...and there's another one. 


Keeping a list of people I know are heretics OOC. So far Ryoko has identified zero of them IC, making her literally the worst witch hunter ever. 


Anyway, Otto, I pop up there from time to time, so if I see you I'll be sure to say hi!

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