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Shar's gil commissions thread! (Gimme gillllllz.)


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[align=center]Commissions are discontinued following SE's decision that commissions are against ToS, thank you for all of your past support.[/align]




What I will draw:

FFXI/FFXIV characters!

Original characters!

Fandom characters!



What I won’t/can’t draw:

Porn. I’ll mainly be doing these while at work, so. :’(

NSFW, for the same reason.





The details!

  1. Please add Mir Ain on FFXIV, comment here with what you want, or follow thavnair on tumblr so I can give you updates on the progress of your drawing easily.

  2. I only accept gil as payment, and won’t draw for rl money. I‘ll confirm total pricing in PM following a request being made. Should the requester accept the total price, it’s on.

  3. It’s up to the requester to provide references, a good one of the face, hair, and outfit / additional objects if requested would be appreciated.

  4. Commission will be sent via the requester’s tumblr inbox / forum PM after completion, following a gil payment received. I’ll send a PM or send a mail ingame when it’s done. After that I’ll expect a gil payment, theeeeen it’ll be sent via inbox.

  5. I don’t really care what you use your commission for; just don’t claim it as your own work. 

  6. I’ll take your request as you having read through all of the details, and accepted them.

Open slots!

I’ll have three slots open, since this is the first time I’ve done this and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. Slots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.






  •  theartymoose (tumblr)- portrait / lines. [finished!]

  •  - Ile'ran Hlaewa (rpc) - bust / coloured. [finished! received payment, thanks!.]

  •  - Yhen Tyizeh (rpc) - bust / coloured. [finished! awaiting payment.]







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Sure thing, thank you so much for the requests! If you could please post reference pictures of your characters and what you'd like them wearing, I should be able to start as soon as the first one is done.

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This sounds interesting, and I can afford the prices! I would be interested for a colored portrait or something for Solis. Atm, I have around 80K or so gil on my alt Rena/Sakura.


Hello! Unfortunately I'm full for now, but I'll likely continue doing this. It's fun to draw other people's characters! Anyway, I'll keep this thread active and shoot you a PM when I'm not backed up. I hope that's okay with you, and sorry for the wait!

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Ohh these are nice. Let me know when you get a slot open? I'd love to have one.....though I have to ask; what would be the price on a couple bust colored?


Awww, thanks for the compliment! That's really nice of you to say, thank you. /o\ As for your question, a couple bust (coloured) would be 100k for the coloured bust, plus an additional 30k for a second (coloured) character, making the total 130k. I'll certainly let you know when I have slots open, it might be soon! The first of these is going far quicker than I expected, so I'll send you a PM when I have more openings.

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I'd like to commission a colored portrait.



Cute character! He looks really fun to draw. Unfortunately, my slots are backed up at the moment, but I'll certainly send you a PM when I have space again, and hopefully you'll still be up for a commission. Sorry about the wait!

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Last commission done!


This is for Samantha Goldsmith, and as usual payment can be sent via moogle mail or trade to Mir Ain.




ps; samantha, I hope I understood rightly when it came to her cheeks. Unfortunately, when we spoke I was pretty deep slacking  at work and I can't actually remember whether or not you mentioned she had a beauty mark. I couldn't find one on the updated reference picture; but if there is one, let me know and I'll make adjustments as needed. \o/

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