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Hi! ~ Newbie here!

Sailor July

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[align=justify]tumblr_inline_mlu8cqRd3m1qz4rgp.gif Hi! I'm Angie (though you can call me Jhu'lie), a 25-year-old girl living in the Western United States with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soulmate Jenn! We have two kitties, two birds and two hermit crabs. They're our babies!






[align=justify]I am a huge gamer, role-player, geek, lover of Japan, artist, blogger, Witch and Pagan! I have a passion for shopping, fashion, rap, music in general, TV and movies, horror, spending time outside, mythology and... Well, lots more.






[align=justify]I've been RPing for around 8+ years now. My wife and I started on the original Guild Wars MMO and have since played World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic (still active off and on), Guild Wars 2 (on lots) and WildStar. Now, there's Final Fantasy XIV and... It's amazing. We're on the 14-day free trial via Steam.






Sadly, we haven't gotten a spot on Balmung yet. ;.; We'll keep trying! Anyway ~ that's me! I can't wait to meet you all!

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/wave - Hey there! Welcome to the community! You've probably already heard this from someone else, but Balmung is usually wide open in the early hours (~6AM CST). Once you get started on Balmung, don't hesitate to ask for help! I know the feeling of being lost in a weird new game :lol:



Also, from the look of your avatar - I should welcome you to Club Elezen. You have chosen wisely.


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Welcome to RPC!


As said above, you'll probably have the most luck trying to get into Balmung around 2AM-6AM PST. ...which is horrible for PST players. (My saving grace is waking up at 4:30 PST for work at 6PST. ...and I live on the West Coast x_X )


But don't think you need to be on the server running aorund to get started! There are buckets and buckets of awesome RP materials already here. You can find a lot of helpful stuff in RP discussion and Making Connections, and the IC forum is the Town Square. Everyone has their own balance, but you'll likely see that there's a lot of RP that takes place on the forums and in-game, probably depending on when people like me who slack off at work feel like doing one or the other. (Or a mix. Those happen a lot too!)


Best of luck in making it to Balmung! And if you've got any questions, lay 'em out! We're here to help :)

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Merry meet! <3


I really do hope you get in to Balmung, because I wan' be yo fwen. And Steel could be yo fwen too.


Basically I just want fwenz.


Should you manage to chip in to Balmung, Steel Wolf can be found around 7pm EST (4pm left coast time) most nights. In the meanwhile, here's looking forward to interacting via these here forums. Lots of forum RP to be had here. <3


Blessed be! :D

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At the moment, it appears that Rogue is not a starting class. You have to get another job up to level 10, I believe, in order to unlock it.


I would suggest starting out as a Pugilist, as you'll need it at level 15 in order to unlock Ninja later on.


Welcome to the game!


Dogberry has the right of it. It was added recently and behind a "roadblock" of requiring a level 10 character first to get the quest leading you to the Rogue's Guild in Limsa.


Do be aware, though, that Pugilists (if you take that route like Dogberry suggests, and it's not a bad one!) start in Ul'dah, and you'll have to wait until you unlock the ability to travel to the other cities through the main story quest before being able to unlock Rogue.


Also, having started with the 14-day free trial myself (FFXIV's official one, which I'm assuming Steam's is as well), you should be aware of a few things.


- You cannot level a class about 20.

- You cannot send tells (but can receive them).

- You cannot join a Free Company (FFXIV's version of guilds).


You should have access to the quest that gets you your Chocobo at 20, but I believe that's walled off as well. I am not so certain on that one, though. All those restrictions go away once you move to the full version, of course. AND, there's usually a code involved with someone referring you to the trial that you can input when registering the full game to get both yourself and the person who sent you the code some neat items.


I'd be wary of that last part because I know quite a few folks would love the two-person Chocobo the referrer gets if the trial player does decide to stick around. (I may or may not be one of them, it's a really pretty bird. :blush: )


If the Steam trial is different from the normal two-week trial, then you can basically ignore everything I said after the second paragraph. :lol:

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Welcome to the server! I know you'll fit right in! Just have the courage to talk to new people and you'll make friends in a flash!


Failing that, it seems all of the lovely people here are just itching to meet you (myself included!) so you can just start talking if you spy any of us around.


Don't forget to have fun!

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