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Hiho, everyone. Where should I get started?


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Hi, not really sure if this is how things are generally supposed to go, but I'm thinking of rolling a character on one of the RP-populous servers.


Currently my main is on Hyperion. Though I'm in the endgame and pretty progression oriented, MMO is not a hobby that comes naturally to me; rather, I used to be a pretty big fan of online bbs RP, as well as a pen and paper player. This is the first MMO I've really gotten invested in.


FFXIV's story is pretty well executed IMO. I realized I had an unexpected degree of attachment to the character, and felt she had potential to be fleshed out in a story. Out of habit, I began choosing consistent dialogue options in the cutscenes and picking classes/jobs that I felt "fit" the character. I also thought about it and I felt the setting of Eorzea and the background of the lore was very well established, and it should not be difficult for me to make a RP-friendly version of my main on a server where that sort of thing is commonplace. Therefore, I figured why not?


I haven't actually made a character yet; I'd like to make one on the server with a lot of activity. I've looked at the wiki for a few characters and it seems like Balmung is pretty lively. As I've got raid commitments a few days of the week, I can't guarantee I'll be active every day... but I'll definitely play regularly and am always willing to make time out of my schedule for events and other such things. On Hyperion, I'm running out of content I've not beaten (Pretty much just need T12-13 and Savage) so I shouldn't be TOO occupied.


Anyway I'm rambling. tl;dr, is Balmung a good place for me to start? Are the RPers more common on Balmung or Gilgamesh? I'd like to rush my character to 50 but also establish some relationships early, and I'd prefer the more active server. I'm rusty but pretty experienced at RP, just not in a video game. I'd be playing Lalafell (f). I've seen quite a few players on the Wiki that have interesting characters. I'd love to meet them, but I wonder if most of them are active?



--MMORPG background

Pretty much just this, GW2 (If that counts) and TERA.

--RP experience

I spent a good four years or so on an unrelated RP forum for a webcomic and was moderator there two of the four years. I've played quite a bit of pen and paper. All of this was quite some time ago.

--Character ideas/info

A fleshed out, RP friendly version of my main. That is to say, a tough monk Lala! She has to be cute of course, but I'm actually thinking she'd be a pretty serious character too.

--How did you learn about the coalition?

I kinda stumbled upon it randomly.

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Medium or Heavy. It depends on my availability. I tend to like longer, more involved storylines, but I'm fine with day to day, organic and spontaneous conversation too. I want to write a character that will make people laugh or cry interchangeably depending on the story.

--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

I'll let that come naturally. For now, I'm from West US. I've got IRL work commitments, but it only takes up about half my week. Change of work may affect availability too.

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So far, for this forum, Balmung is the most populous and organized. Using this forum, you would have a lot more luck with Balmung then anything else. My advice? Transfer/make a new character in the WEE EARLY mornings, or right before/after a maintenance. Get someone in, then enjoy. That's what I did, and it's been AMAZING.

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What a quick response. :)

I'm thinking it looks like Balmung is the right choice. I can only hope most of the people whose profiles I've seen on the wiki are active.


It'd be wonderful to get in with a good FC too, to jumpstart my leveling.

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Welcome to the RPC!


As far as asking people for RP, I'd highly encourage it! A lot of RPERS will have a search info for walk ups, and I know it'd make my day to be approached by someone (as I'd assume many others here would be).


For servers, you'll probably find most people on Ballinger, if you look here. We tend to speak up more, I guess.


*lights the Sounsyy signal*...we need more awesome Hyperion converts!

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Haha, it will be fun to have an alt on another server. It's going to be tough to split my attention between two characters, but I think I'm up to it. Plus I think it'll be interesting to see how the environment is different from Hyp. Generally our server is pretty intense but there also are a huge number of skilled players who I've learned a lot from. It'd be cool if Balmung is a little lower key, but even if it isn't I'm pretty accustomed to it.

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