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The Zero Division <ZDVSN>


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[align=center](Please check other information in the other tabs too! ^^^^^)[/align]



[align=center]The Zero Division[/align]



The Zero Division is a recently-formed special operations division of the Immortal Flames, focusing on artifact recovery, technological reverse-engineering, and developing weaponry for both defense and offence. The Divisions' specialty is the dangerous and the unknown. 



With advanced technologies possessed by both Garlemald and ancient Allagan Constructs, it is important to salvage, recover, 'obtain', and learn about the devices, so they may be integrated into our own arsenals. So that the enemies do not hold the power of mystery and superior knowledge over us.


((More information will be added to the story as the company and its plots grow!))




[align=center]Areas of Work[/align]


The Zero Division is broken down into five areas of expertise



Tech - The technology department contains the scientists, researchers, engineers, machinists, and others who work on the 'brains' of the operation.



Magic - The magic department consists of experts on Aether. It contains individuals from experienced spell-slingers to a devout in the path of the Twelve. The magic department is also responsible for aetheric engineering, assisting with the magic parts of magitek, and researching new and helpful spells that may assist the Division.


Medic -  The medic department contains those focused on healing. Both healing individuals and assisting others with healing-based research. They are responsible for keeping the Unit healthy, as well as any civilians that may be encountered during an operation. 


Combat - The combat department encompasses a variety of talents. Stealth operations, ranged and melee combat, and snipers fall within this section. Purely offensive-based spell-slingers may opt to apply for this department over the Magic department on a case by case basis.



Divergents - The divergents are for individuals that hold a specialized role not encompassed in the above departments. Supply provisioners, couriers, translators, etc. will fall into this area. 







Entrants - All members begin at the entrant rank. Entrants are observed for a short period of time to be sure they are a good fit for the Division. Entrants are not yet given access to highly classified documentation and objects. Entrants may move on to either becoming an Apprentice, or a Delta Member.


Apprentices - Apprentices are for individuals who have not yet completely refined their skills and would prefer to work under someone else in the Division. Apprentices will work with their master until the master deems them worthy of working on their own. Graduated apprentices will move directly into being a Beta member of their area. ((For now an apprentice must find a master, or a master must find and apprentice, there are no random pairings at this time))



Delta - Delta Members are not yet assigned an area of work, but have proven themselves in their time as an entrant. Delta members are now briefed on the various projects of the Zero Division and well work within various areas to figure out which would best suit them. After a thorough period of working with others in the Division, they are promoted to a Beta member.



Beta - Beta members are the primary members of the Zero Division. They are the members who have made their way through the initiation ranks and have been assigned an area of work. Beta members have access to almost all of the devices and knowledge within the Zero Division.



Alpha - Alpha members are the elite of the elite. They are good at what they do and people respect them for it. They are the highest tier achievable in the Division, and have nearly unrestricted access to everything the Division holds and has to offer. They are exceedingly trusted by the Immortal Flames and have earned their position through loyalty, dedication, and hard work. 



This information is OOC, ICly the Base is not widely known to be what it is, and masquerades itself as a guild hall for civilian activities.


The Base is located in a Large House in the Lavender Beds. While one may deem this a strange location for a unit of the Immortal Flames, it is strategically placed between Garlemald, Mor Dhona, and Thanalan, giving quick access to all three hot areas. It is also located out of Thanalan in the event of a raid or complete takeover of the lands, so that there will be little interruption in deploying the devices and information that the Zero Division has.  Should the Shroud ever fall under attack, the Base has been set up for quick evacuation of sensitive articles and/or its self-destruction.


Aetherytes have been placed for quick access to and from the base from Thanalan, and special devices have been tailored to the locations to allow those who are not able to travel via aetheryte quick access to the regions of Thanalan.


The basement contains the sensitive information, artifacts, and devices that the Zero Division holds and is off limits to non authorized individuals. The first floor, second floor, and most private chambers are much less restricted.


Guards (Played by NPCs) are stationed in or around the base at all times.


We are planning on diving right in on Free Company/Airship crafting. With large housing secured (no moving!) and initial funding raised, we will hopefully be one of the first to take to the skies in Heavensward!


Secondary bases in the Mist and The Goblet are planned for the future.



[align=center] Props and Interactivity [/align]


The Zero Division is pushing to branch out of established RP conventions and move on to a more dynamic, interactive, and engaging roleplaying environment. Through the use of various 'props' out of game and in the browser, we hope to bring a new layer of realism and engagement into the story. Be it through prop papers, or even interactive 'relics' recovered with passcodes/keys/functions/etc found through IC means to 'unlock' the virtual device.


There is also hope that the addon API (whenever it is released) will support the creation of various RP tools such as those that had been seen on WoW. However, with little information on when the API is released or what it may contain, there is not much to elaborate on this topic at this time, but do know that it is under consideration!


[align=center] Dynamic and Engaging [/align]


Have you ever been in a situation where you were like "Man, my character would do X right now but that would totally just change this entire plot and direction"? We want that. Within reason.


Your character is unique, they have their own talents, their own specialties, their own experiences and traits they bring to the division.


Plots in this Free Company are allowed to evolve, change, and morph with the playerbase. However. OOC COMMUNICATION IS KEY HERE . If someone is REALLY wanting something to happen to their character, and your alteration will damage their desire, please stop to think if there is a way that you both can arrive to a conclusion.


This is where the members must be excellent with each other, and also must be willing to adapt to changing plots themselves. Those who abuse this ability or cause issues will be dealt with on a case by case basis.


Basically, if you want to do something you think will affect the plot in a drastic way, bring it up first! It will likely be approved.


[align=center] Non-conventional Characters/Pasts/Abilities/Etc [/align]



I am sure we have all encountered a non-conventional character that raised our eyebrows in RP some time or another. The problem with such non-conventional characters is that many need much more development. However, these characters can bring very interesting interactions and plots!


We believe it is wrong to reject someone on their character at face-value alone, so such non-conventional characters are allowed in the FC on a case-by-case basis.


Here are the general guidelines for non-conventional characters. If you feel like something is strange/possibly OP about your character, just ask! We can try to work something out. We just want to be sure this does not become a breeding ground of OP and lorebreaking characters.


The acceptance of these types of characters heavily depends on the development, backstory, reasonability, and general playabilty of the character in the environment that Division Zero has. If you have mulled over your character for many hours and have created a well thought out story that makes sense, with enough weakness/hardship to balance out the awesome, you will likely be ok!


Likely Fine

- Characters with the Echo and/or Tempered by Hydaelyn

- Halflings of the playable races

- Characters with magitek implants/magitek replacements (arms, eyes, etc)

- Characters with magiked brandings/runes

- Characters from out of Eorzea (But MUST be strongly affiliated to/loyal to the Immortal Flames)

- Characters that use magic/aether in unconventional ways.


Occasionally Fine

- Halflings of a playable race + a non-playable race

- Characters that are /really, really/ good at what they do. Much, much better than average.

- Charactes involving Voidsent

- Characters involving Allag

- Characters from another dimension that was somehow Eorzea (a 'different' Eorzea)


Rarely Fine (but still ask!)

- Halflings of a non-playable race + a non-playable race

- Characters from another dimension/universe/etc that are not Eorzean (but from another FF universes)


Never Fine (Due to lore reasons or other complications)

- Characters that are children of/closely related to NPCs

- Characters that are extremely overpowered

- Characters that have any god/demigod status

- Characters from another dimension/universe/etc that is not Eorzean or from another FF universe (something completely unrelated like Dr Who or Sonic)



These guidelines are only to create a well-rounded environment, allowing for flexibility in character options that do not drastically hinder the play of another. Again, acceptance into the FC is based on the player and their characters story. Be respectful of your fellow players and you will be fine.



Joining is a two-part process that takes place in game


There is a brief OOC interview, to get to know a bit about your character and how they will fit into the Division. If that goes well, there is an IC portion that is basically the signing on of your character to the Division.


Please contact any of the following people OOCly if you are interested in joining!

Titor Jaraba / Nerva Rufrius (alt) - FC Leader



A'zalikko Yokho

Evandrus Valerian

Sehn Verka

Skye Aldaris

Xefjord Kiromeda


This company will deal with both light-hearted and darker themes. While there will be moments of fluff and happy shenanigans, the Division works with highly classified technologies. As such, characters may become wounded, and RP may contain descriptions of violence, gore, and swearing.


There is ZERO TOLERANCE for OOC harassment of any kind, including racism, sexism, religion-bashing, sexual/gender alignment-bashing, or anything that is there to degrade an individual or group (even if there are none belonging to said group in the FC).


Extremely lewd behavior (both OOC and IC), open and public acts of ERP, and open soliciting of ERP (Both IC and OOC) will not be tolerated. If you wish to partake in those acts, please restrict it to tells of those you know are willing.


For a company with such open policies to plot development and characters OOC COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT. Especially when it comes to character development or plots.


You must also be alright with things happening to your character. The FC will have various plot arcs that may have certain temporary 'status' effects on your character. Examples of effects are such things as going mute for a brief period of time, temporary amnesia, gaining exceptionally good eyesight, etc. Small, temporary things to give little spice to the RP. You are not required to partake in all of the effects that an artifact, relic, or device might give, but if you constantly try to dodge every affect you will miss out on some of the fun in the plots. Not every plot arc will have an affect, but some will.

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The Division is now open for new members! 


As there is no formal application at this point (There will likely be in the future) if you are interested in joining please let me know either here or in-game and we can talk a bit OOCly and ICly to see if we are a good fit for each other!

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I am so torn as this hits all of my interests at once but I don't have a single character in a position to partake of this. All of my characters are already in a casual FC that my friends keep, and my one actual Flames-related character is retired. My techy character is probably outside the scope of acceptable bounds and is employed already anyway.


But one of my FCmates is pushing me to at least poke around, so here I am. I feel like I'm wasting everyone's time, though.

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Our first week of recruitment has gone amazingly well! We already have a small group of very friendly individuals, and have began working on some plotting and events!


Our first event will be sometime next week, keep an eye out!


Active recruitment is still underway, please message me here or in game for more information.


At this time we do not have a linkshell, we would like to establish our inter-FC plot and connections before expanding, but a linkshell and cross-FC events are definitely planned for future.

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Hello! So I have been following this for a while, and finally decided to declare my interest. My main hesitation is that I've had the Immortal Flames central to my RP since joining. My character is a Bloodsworn, a consummation of being in the Grand Company since Foundation Day and an Ul'dahn mercenary soldier for 10+ years before that. The point of concern is how well this would fit with Zero Division both IC and OOC. Kale would be a Flame Bloodsworn with his own pull first, and his FC membership second, if that makes sense!


I may or may not be needlessly overcomplicating it, but am curious to know what you might offer for those "full-timers" amongst us! How would he 'fit'?


EDIT: OF course, a lot of these questions could be asked with some RP, too, herpderp

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Hello! So I have been following this for a while, and finally decided to declare my interest. My main hesitation is that I've had the Immortal Flames central to my RP since joining. My character is a Bloodsworn, a consummation of being in the Grand Company since Foundation Day and an Ul'dahn mercenary soldier for 10+ years before that. The point of concern is how well this would fit with Zero Division both IC and OOC. Kale would be a Flame Bloodsworn with his own pull first, and his FC membership second, if that makes sense!


I may or may not be needlessly overcomplicating it, but am curious to know what you might offer for those "full-timers" amongst us! How would he 'fit'?


EDIT: OF course, a lot of these questions could be asked with some RP, too, herpderp

Hello! This is something we could likely work with. Please speak with me in-game if you could and we could discuss it further.


Thank you for your interest!



To everyone else, we are still recruiting!

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The Division's first primary plot arc is underway! 


We will be infiltrating the Garlean Dalamud research base, Castrum Occidens in an attempt to recover a new prototype magitek reaper. 


Will the Division be able to sneak in largely unnoticed?


Will they be able to get to the reaper?


Will they be able to gather enough aether to port themselves and the armor out unscathed?


Stay tuned to find out! Or join to find out! We are still recruiting a few more members!

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The Zero Division is also going to be participating in the Infection event, but in more of a relief/containment/research/prevention group, similar to the CDC. This is our current plot arc, and FC-specific events will be organized for within the Division. Details are currently being worked out!



Contacts and how to join info have been added to the OOC Joining tab, with a list of people who can be contacted in-game if you are interested in joining!

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We had a few awesome interactions over the last few days! Between an internal Round-Robin Teaching event (where individuals were paired off into groups of two and had 20 minutes to ICly teach the other person something new), and attending the Royal Ball together, it was definitely a great past few days!


We are still looking for just a few more members. We currently have around 20 active, unique members, and hoping to rest around the 30 mark. From there recruitment will still be open, albeit much more selectively. 


If you would like to join the Division, now would be an excellent chance! Please feel free to contact me here on the RPC or I or one of the officers (listed in the OOC Joining tab) in-game for more information!

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