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Hello Everyone. Finally signing up. Was know as Endinka In FF11 with sylvestra and crystalline On Sylph Server.


I haven't come up with any name yet for 14 so I'll just go by Endi until I have a character ready. If the admistrators wouldnt mind changing the name when the time came of course.


Hope to enjoy all your company once again in 14.

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:lol: Yes now I am certain of it...it is forever stuck to me like Glue. I made sure to threaten Rauros last night for it once again ;)

Just need to set up a camp fire first before roasting him on the sewer.


And thank you Castiel good to know.


I don't know if i should make a similar character to Endinka or go a diffrent route....

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Hiya Endi! I've looked for you a few times on 11 but I'm on at odd hours of the night. Send me a tell if you see me around and good to hear from you again. Also, other then female midlander I have no idea what kind of character I'm going to create either. Apparently they found some other jobs such as Fencer, Musketter, Mystic and such in the FF14 files so maybe I'll pick up one of those jobs. I'm guessing Lancer is the perfect Endinka job though if you go with that again ;)

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Oh I've missed hearing from you. I was gone for a little awhile again but back in game again now My work hours have changed alot I usully work morning now so It hard for me to be up too late when I have to be up at 6 or 7. I'll loo you up. I though something was wrong with my friendlist so I deleted it and was gonna try and put everyone back on it. still wouldn't show up. then I figured out Why, I forgot to put in my POL system password xD Fixed now but I still have to re add people. I'll make sure to look for you now That I know your still there :)


Hello Rikitiki,

Thank you for the warm welcome back :)

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Heya Endi!!!!


I somehow suspect Endi v2.0 won't like Kes as much as she liked Dy. It's sure gonna be interesting to see what happens though!!!



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Hey Rihan , Not much dealing with my poor right hand, been not so good lately :(

(remind myself to skewer Rau)


Tyriont, Your already plotting to torment me already? Such love....


Kes, Oh dear. she's going to be very different from her father then I'm guessing.


But then this is only if I make a character like her. Though from the responses thus far it dosen't seem that an Endi like character would be unwelcomed?

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Tyriont' date=' Your already potting to torment me already? Such love....[/quote']


Yup! I'm pretty much recreating Ty for the new world, he was too much fun to play...and Endi always made a wonderful foil for him. Of course, I can probably find a way to drive whatever character you create nuts :P

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Well Good news and some slightly not-so good news...


I have managed to purchase a laptop.On opening the laptop though and reading the manual i realized i forgot to buy discs to back the factory image up. So now i' have to wait a few days for the disc to come in that I ordered. Hopefully be back to RP soon with any luck.

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Now, that the formalities are out of the way...I have to ask...


How exactly did you come to don the nickname "Thighs"? :?


It is a long, involved and quite painful story to recall involving Endinka, Rauros, two Tarutaru, a Quadav, a bucket of bastore bream, and more Selbina butter than I had ever seen before or have seen since.


Suffice to say, it is not fit for the retelling... Or the remembrance thereof.


~Alaiac, who rolled 30 on bardic knowledge for this information.

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