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Hello all!


My name is Casaen and I'm really new to FFXIV but not to RP. I've RP'ed in WoW and SWToR for going on 8 years combined. I am looking forward to getting into something new, and having played FFXI back in the day, looking forward to diving back into Final Fantasy lore. 


I do have a question: Since Balmung and Gilgamesh are not allowing new characters, what would be another good, active server to join to have RP on? I'm excited to jump into all aspects of the game, so I wanna try my hand at RP even as I begin my new character. Since I plan on playing a Thaumaturge with sights on Black Mage, I was thinking it would be cool to RP an Apprentice even as I level.

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Welcome to FFXIV! 


Unfortunately the 'primary' RP servers are Balmung and Gilgamesh. A LOT of people are often IC and RP on these servers. A few other servers have really small groups of people that RP, but none that are as immersive and engaging as Balmung and Gilgamesh. 


I am on Balmung myself, and really love the amount of RP that goes on here (it is also not too bad at PvE either)


If you cannot get through the restrictions, try right before the servers go down for maintenance. Like, 5 minutes before they are going to shut down, or right after they come up. This is the best time to get on Balmung/Gilg for free.


Short of this, you can also pay (I think $18 USD? Might be wrong on the number, but in that range) for a server transfer onto the server. This option is if you have a bit of spare cash and really want to get on a server now.


If neither of these are an option, you could probably get a bit more advice on what other server to go on, however they are not as immersive in their RP experience as Bal/Gilg are.

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Balmung, seriously.. get here.


I did the WoW and SWTOR thing, was (am) on Ebon Hawk.


RP is very much alive here, I would say the world is wonderful but not as vast as those two games.

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First of all, welcome!


Balmung has been open for me early morning (4 AM to 7 AM CST) Wednesdays and Thursdays if you aren't too keen on shelling out the cash for the transfer. For the past two weeks, it's been open on one of those days, so I'd say it's likely it won't be any different this week.


EDIT: As for Gilgamesh; as far as I've seen, all servers but Balmung are open early mornings on weekdays. The downside is that most people on Gilgamesh don't use the RPC, and instead have their own site - but if you don't mind that, Gilgamesh is an option too.

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