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  1. [align=center][/align] [align=center] Flyers placed by an irresponsible Lalafel are dotted around town -- some pasted on walls, others on lampposts. Occasionally one might be found pinned to a sleeping refugee's chest or slapped on the back of a bald guy's head. The Four Winds are blowing… Currently searching for disreputable fellows to join us on an adventure of intrigue, justice, and possibly questionable outcomes. We seek both intelligent and business minded individuals to make Eorzea our playground. Presently recruiting interested parties for trade, acquisition and investigative tasks. Flexible morals are a must. [/align] [align=center]House of the Four Winds Trade, Acquisitions, Smuggling and Black Market Recruitment: Open Contact: Takashi Akiyama[/align] The House of the Four Winds is a Doman trading company with ties to the black market which specializes in the crafting, transportation and trade of high quality goods and hand crafted wares. They operate from a number of small businesses and shop fronts, and also run a relatively profitable casino in Thanalan. However, behind the safety of their business front, their main work is in offering services as criminal contractors, undertaking tasks for private clients who are willing to overlook the more questionable methods employed by the Four Winds in favor of their efficiency and discretion. Such tasks might include, for a small fee, the acquisition of rare or valuable items, smuggling of goods, or acts of espionage or sabotage against targets nominated by their clients. Interested parties may also find them a useful means of fencing goods with no questions asked. [align=center]Four Winds Investigations Private Investigation and Information Brokerage Recruitment: Open Contact: Rolodanu Marudanu[/align] Four Winds Investigations, a partner business run by Rolodanu Marudanu, is a private investigation company which also dabbles in the sale of information. They are willing to work for almost anyone, regardless of moral stripe, provided suitable compensation is involved. Four Winds Investigations, like their Doman business partners, take a no-questions-asked approach to their work, and are as willing to accept contracts from the criminally inclined as they are from wealthy business owners and patrons. If you have a problem you need solved or a question you need answered, Four Winds Investigations can probably help. [align=center]Contacts and Recruitment[/align] We are new FC that is in the early stages of establishing a presence on the server, so there's only a few of us at the moment. However, we are actively looking to recruiting people who are interested in being part of a warm, friendly and roleplay focused Free Company who will join us as we grow. We have plans to run storylines for those interested in taking part as well as more casual RP. We are also in the process of buying a medium house in the Goblet which will be set up as a casino for the hosting of events as well as serving as a Free Company base. We are looking to recruit characters who fit with our theme, be they crafter, merchant, criminal or a budding private detective (as long as they're willing to look the other way on certain things). Characters who are interested in creating their own player shops or working in the casino are also more than welcome. If you're interested, but not entirely sure you are always welcome to come RP with us first. For enquiries, comments or recruitment, please feel free to contact us, here or in game on: Rolodanu Marudanu Alternatively, feel free to approach us more directly: Four Winds Investigations The Goblet Ward 9 (subdivision) Plot 45 The Four Winds Casino The goblet Ward 11 Plot 19 (FC Housing - currently under construction)
  2. I have an Au Ra character who I'd love to find more connections for. His wiki profile is in my signature, but if you'd like to get together and RP some time, shoot me a message.
  3. I kinda like this idea. I want to volunteer Hien for the pen-pal thing anyway because it sounds like fun, but this would be really interesting too. Hien is a collector of books and I could absolutely see him stumbling across one of these tomes. He'd probably end up a little obsessed with trying to figure out how it works and who the people he can apparently talk to are - if they're real people at all. But it'd definitely be a fun way to do 'meet' people.
  4. It's disappointing that people would do that on a frequent basis just because your character is a Lalafel. Personally, I'd never turn away a chance at RP based on the race of the other player, but like the other said before me, I'd imagine it has something to do the more ERP inclined roleplayers around the Quicksand not wanting to get into... things... with a lalafel? Either way, yeah... Thats both disappointing and odd. They might look small but they're not children and I don't know why people can't get their heads around that idea. They're often portrayed as quite clever and scheming in the game, so thats just a player misconception I guess. I don't see Lalafel as non-serious, and I've met a couple of roleplayers who play them just like any other character. Its a shame that others are being so weird about it. I'm sure its their loss but I can see how it'd be frustrating coming up against that over and over again. I don't know. People can be dumb... I guess...
  5. This is how I feel right now. I've been thinking about paying for another server transfer and now I don't have to. *dances* That's one good thing to come out of random server blips I guess.
  6. I think something strange may be going on with the servers. I got kicked the same as you just a short while ago.... 2k queue to get back in... then immediately 90k'd again and back in a 3k queue now. I think the servers may just be having an issue.
  7. I do this too and I was actually wondering whether it was a thing I could get a way with, since we have no normal looking horses and Sleipnir is probably closest thing we have... Now I feel better about doing it.
  8. Welcome to the RPC. I think I know where you're coming from when you say you're a bit hesitant to get involved. I've bounced in and out of this game a few times (friends bailing, having issues with confidence in RP, bad experiences etc), but the best way is to really just bite the bullet, so to speak, and throw yourself in there. Which is easier said than done sometimes. If you're interested, I'm always keen to make new friends in game and almost always down for RP. If you're one for shady characters and looking for a friend, my character is a thief/smuggler and would be more than happy to make a new contact. I can't seem to stick with 'good' characters very much myself, so mine always end up being at least a little shady. Anyway, welcome to the RPC and I hope you find some people to hang around with in game. The LS/FC section is probably getting cleared out soon to flush out the inactives, but there's a big list of RP Free Companies and Linkshells that might help you in your search.
  9. Personally, I would be really, really interested in seeing something like this. I'm not sure I can help much with the questions you're asking as I've personally, never run a large scale RP event like this outside of shenanigans with a few friends, but I just wanted to raise my hand as say that I would be very interesting in participating if you did end up setting something up.
  10. Hey there. Welcome. If you're ever interested connections of the shadier sort, my character would always welcome new contacts. And I'm always looking for new roleplay friends. Its nice to see so many new people lately. I hope you enjoy your stay.
  11. Looks like you're not going to have any shortage of willing models here. If you're not already snowed under with requests I would love a sketch (screenshot in the link). I only have a couple of shots of him, but if you need more I can always get them. And for RP - I am always on the lookout for new RP opportunities so if a shady information broker/smuggler would be of interest for anything, please feel free to poke me (in game or on here).
  12. I have a couple of characters I'd love to find more RP connections for. Nawashiro is a smuggler/information broker, so he might get on well with yours. And I also have a miqo'te that I really should play on more often than I do. If either of them interest you let me know or shoot me a message in game.
  13. Absolutely! I'd really like to meet your keeper! and I really like the family tree on your profile, are those all pc or some npc? Some of them are PC, others are NPC. The ones that are played by actual living people are marked with stars.
  14. Thanks guys. Lililove - I love your signature.
  15. Updated. Coming back to the game (again) and looking for RP friends.
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