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  1. Transferred to Balmung (finally!) where I'll be restarting my whole search for duskwight kin journey that I began on Mateus (with some updates/changes), so if anyone's got a dusky that isn't an Ishgardian, let me find you, or come find me. I'll be hopping around Eorzea doing ... stuff.
  2. RP is always a learning process. I went through a very similar process in my growth as a roleplayer. I definitely agree that playing tabletop helped to improve it and I always recommend trying it out to anyone looking for ways they can be a better RP'er. Keep up the good work, and don't be afraid to revisit that bad character sometime in the future to reshape it into something better with what you've learned. Unless you've killed them off already lol.
  3. Malachar has returned from his ... thing from wherever he was when last we saw him! (How long has it been even?) As the title says, I'm seeking new potential RP contacts and mostly putting the word out if anyone sees me out and about and wants to approach me for random RP. I'm trying to stay out of cities (*cough* Ul'dah *cough*) unless there's some important IC reason to be there (thinking of maybe doing something involving a possible migration to Ishgard with that whole restoration thing going on but I'm undecided), so if you spot me outside somewhere (unless it's the First cuz l
  4. Hello. Hi. Yes. I seek RP with all duskwights. Oh, you found me on discord already. This is Malachar.
  5. That's what RP Hooks are for. Unless you're taking a NPC's name (which is highly discouraged, but you do you), you can't expect anything. Just throw in that RP Hook for any other PC's of similar background to look at and mention in passing or talk OOC with other people with a similar background to set up whether or not they would have heard of you. Alternatively - this is easier to pull off, in my opinion - the army you were involved with or commanded no longer exists, probably wiped out by the Empire or some other conflict, and you're one of the only survivors left scattered in th
  6. A Sorcerer Reborn Five years since the Calamity. Five years since my life was upended and my home was destroyed. Five years of fighting and running and surviving in the dark, labyrinthine tunnels beneath the Black Shroud. Somehow, I had made it out alive. Barely. An old hyuran hermit woman named Tania found me in the Twelveswood and thought me dead at first, but then brought me back to her cabin after realizing there was still life left in me. She said I had been asleep for nearly a week while she nursed me back to health, but with the huge gap of time lost in my memories, it felt much long
  7. I've only RP'ed on Mateus, so I'll leave that for someone else to answer.
  8. They're in the same data center, so you can pick one and still go to the other whenever you want, but what you really want is Mateus.
  9. An endless, impossibly large dungeon housed inside a standard castle, filled with traps, pit falls, monsters, and dead ends, multiple floors, trapped forever. You can't die. You just start again. Eventually, you'll make it to the end or go mad trying. Basically, Dragon's Lair at max difficulty on an endless loop. Also, Hell.
  10. Is it, though? I know it's not alluded to in the MSQ, but I find it highly unlikely that there wouldn't be any magic users in Othard, especially since the Dotharl's chief clearly uses black magic (and Doma is roughly based on Japan).
  11. You can actually play as a white mage, but it's common practice to not announce it to the world, white magic being "forbidden" and all. How you became one is a more important factor, which can be easy to navigate around given the amount of lore surrounding WHM/BLM, as mentioned above. Or you could just not be from Eorzea.
  12. 2.0 The Seventh Umbral Calamity took everything from me. I don't see how it could have been foreseen by anyone. If someone did, they kept it to themselves at the cost of everyone for reasons unknown. The survivors, myself included, spent several days searching and digging out anyone alive that we could find before hope was lost and danger was growing. With the aether still fluctuating, magic was unsafe to use. Wounds had to be mended the mundane way as best as possible. To make matters worse, the earth was still rumbling and the cavern was unstable, threatening to collapse further. We needed
  13. 1.2 To be an apprentice of Archmage Ulleanne de Bahaut was an extremely entitled and rare honor as she rarely accepted new apprentices. It was also a likely death sentence, as none of her previous apprentices survived their tenure. There were rumors whispered in shadowy corners - none would dare speak them aloud - of the Archmage murdering her apprentices because they proved too wanting or weak, or out of jealousy because their potential threatened her position, sending them on suicidal missions or hiring assassins to eliminate them before they could usurp her. Some whispers even claimed she
  14. 1.1 I stayed at the Academy for ten years, learning many more lessons in that time. I also discovered that I was not only proficient with thaumaturgy magic, but conjuring as well. It's a rare occurrence but not the first time it's happened. In fact, the Archmage of Balmorra at that time was also gifted with a talent to cast spells of both black and white magic. I studied both arts, doubling my work load and giving me little time, if any, to have a social life - not that I cared about having a social life. Being a highborn noble with a father teaching at the Academy afforded me more privilege
  15. 1.0 My first clear memory of life was not the faces of my parents, but of the giant aetherite crystal that cast a perpetual, pale blue-violet glow over the city, like moonlight on the surface on a clear night. It hung from a natural rock formation on the ceiling of the cavern, hanging over Balmorra like a great, crystal chandelier, its lowest tip nearly touching the ground below it. That was where life for Balmorra first began, centuries ago. The first structures that the refugees from Gelmorra built to start a new life were located here. Now it was simply called "Old Town", for the city's g
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