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    balmung Mister & Miss Eorzea 2017

    Character Name: Cirhien Taihra Introduction: Gifted with music and arrows that once struck true for noble cause at Carteneau, these days her path is more peaceful in origin. Primarily an entertainer, Cirhien Taihra is both gracious and passionate. She enjoys reading adventure and mystery novels, and delights in the wondrous tones of harp and piano. Optional Screenshot: http://68.media.tumblr.com/55aab582ce5fcd899c582fc66799182d/tumblr_ooswzgoTyT1ue9clqo3_1280.png[/img]
  2. Halorien

    RP Event Notices

    Would like an invite: Cirhien Taihra.
  3. I wouldn't phrase it that 'every RP character is a form of lore breaking' that's exceedingly negative in its format, in my opinion. That said, There's truly no reason why someone cannot write a Dragoon. At this point, there's no sense in being part of the Ishgardian active duty Dragoon Unit as it is. So absolutely, your characters are retired, having gone on to seek other employment; perhaps intend to see the rest of the world if they are Ishgardian, etc. There's a half a million ways to swing it while acknowledging the written Lore as a guideline.
  4. Halorien

    The Twelve: Creation Myth and More

    I found it to be really a fantastic read, myself. It's nice to have at least a version of a fixed myth form of the gods' creations and their order of precedence. As sort of a world builder in my spare time, working with deities is always difficult. With polytheistic fact in Eorzea, each one needs to be powerful but not too strong, so that they obviously check and balance each other is fantastic. I'm in agreement regarding Nophica and and Halone; the rivalry makes a lot of sense now. Nophica was clearly angry over wanton destruction, but that's the Fury for you I suppose. It makes me wonder about writing an Ishgardian that actually acknowledges the other gods, because they don't seem to do so very much.
  5. Halorien

    Open RP (LS)

    If there remains space, I would like to join this linkshell! I have been looking around for people online, but have yet to notice anyone, so posting here as well. Thank you all for your time!
  6. Halorien

    Drakeheart (OOC LS for Heavy RPers)

    If this linkshell remains active, I would be appreciative of an invitation, thank you!
  7. Halorien

    Knights & Pirates (LS)

    Hello there! I am interested in joining this linkshell, if I may. I have yet to locate anyone in game, but still looking!
  8. Halorien

    Your Character's Theme Song - {Hard Mode}

    Okay! I use a lot of music for inspiration, so I don't use the term Theme song as it doesn't fit what I do. (I have a playlist of over a hundred pieces of music.) That said, the one that most strikes me is this selection for my character. Spotify - Pleasant Moments: Ragtime Waltz; Scott Joplin (composer), Alexander Peskanov (pianist). And for those of you that prefer guitar (this is actually really lovely imo): You tube - Thank you everyone!
  9. Halorien

    Hello HPC

    <3. Well, I could have wrote more, but I figure I'll get to that point one way or another. It's fun reading everyone's characters.
  10. Halorien

    A Fated Meeting

    Hello and welcome, nice new person (like me!)
  11. Halorien

    Hello HPC

    :thumbsup: Hello everyone! Just dropping in for greetings. I've been sort of lurking for a while.