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  1. Well...step forward, japanese speakers! The uneducated mob requires your aid in this time of need! Personally, I'm not getting my hopes up just yet, but if it truly is real, I'll probably end up buying it for the hair. Again. I'm an idiot like that >.>
  2. Considering the source of Dark Knight powers, wouldn't it be easiest to simply have it associated with strong emotions? You know, a keepsake, the weapon of a former rival or friend, a reminder to a certain event? I don't know your character, but there's a lot of possibilities with just that. Could be as little as a custom made sword that reminds her of the reason she went the way of the Dark Knight in the first place.
  3. _Lots_ of stuff, but much of it isn't as much about my characters than RPing in general, so I'm putting those in spoilers. As for my characters, my biggest worry when playing Zoya is that people do not "understand" me. The combination of thieves cant and accent can be overbearing, so I reduced the prior by a fair bit by now. And after every RP I am "constantly" worried whether I did convey her personality properly. From what little I've heard (I "do" ask for feedback sometimes), that often doesn't seem to be the case, which is NOT comforting at all. The worst however is that t
  4. Only to keep you subbed by giving you "something" to do when you're bored and have nothing else to work towards. To you as user, the weapons will be pointless except for further upgrade down the line (and glamour, prestige, yadda yadda). As a matter of fact, they already are largely pointless as is, Thordan weapons are better for many classes, considering the secondary stats and unnoticeable gain in weapon damage. BUT...it's the relic. Your very own weapon. At the current rate, possibly even your child. It's special. Don't you want it? Juicy, juicy carrot? It's right there. Just go
  5. So much so that I expect a harsh nerf to it with 3.2. The first two steps are a work of a few days, maybe weeks depending on how much you play. The last step? Months. And that's completely ignoring the money you might need for the crafted items. Honestly? I think SE simply wants to bridge the content drought until 3.2 with that. You aren't "meant" to get it before the patch, you are just supposed to work towards it.
  6. 1. To yell "SURPRISE!" after sneaking up to them or similar pranks. Needs to be in a place where she can easily run away after in case the person doesn't take it so well. Playfulness/Boredom. 2. Asking for help/favors, assuming she's in need and the stranger looks like he would be able and willing to offer some. Necessity. 3. Someone else motivated/told/asked/forced/enticed/recommended her to. Relatedness. 4. The stranger in question does something weird but harmless that catches her interest. Like, sorting things in alphabetical order, walking aimlessly up and down,
  7. Even the hype is radioactive. Guess it's a good idea to play some Half-Life.
  8. As some others in this thread, naming takes a long while for me as I think about a good name. It's supposed to be short, meaningful (to me) and good looking (to me) on screen. (Spoiler to make the post shorter for those not interested)
  9. Well, I only ever got to play Trails in the Sky first chapter (on steam), but I've been waiting rather anxiously for the second chapter to be available to me. I really liked the combat system and the, uhm...weirder parts of the story. And I'm a sucker for the manga style. I think I got a little too invested in the characters, though. As for the other games, I didn't even know they existed, but now that I know I'll def check them out, so thanks for the note!
  10. Indeed - the only exception is our Machinist crystal. That one was recently produced, had no prior owners and consequently, no knowledge. Incidentally, not a single skill you are taught during the entire questline comes from that crystal. How hard it is to produce one however is not touched upon in the questline IIRC. How the whole process of getting the memories in there works, I have no clue. It might have something to do with the carvings. It might simply be spirit bonding. Or a combination. Or something else entirely. Someone more up to snuff with the lore might be able to help out.
  11. We are the Miqo'te. Raise your fantasia and surrender your body. Your biological and technological features will be changed to our own. Resistance is futile.
  12. I think "shanking" a padjal could have minor political consequences. Besides, you still need to do the awakening stuff yourself. Even the WoL has to do stuff to make the crystal hand over some memories and he gets all the good stuff on a silver platter.
  13. And then you're left to wonder how a BLM soul crystal can even hold any kind of black magic knowledge. I mean, in order for the empty crystal to be filled with knowledge, you need to perform the art. In order to perform the art, you need a soul crystal filled with knowledge. That doesn't quite work out.
  14. "Whoa, shiny rock! Can I touch?" To me, soulstones are simply shortcuts to knowledge and thus power. Kinda like rare candies. So I tend to not use them, I prefer to get EVs. But I acknowledge the lore around them and if I wanted my character to quickly learn a skill that would require years generations of research and practice, I'd most likely develop a plot around the search of a soulstone. When I think about it, they got quite a bit of joke potential, though. Imagine someone carved his bedroom successes into the stone instead of anything useful related to the job. And the aspirin
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