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  1. I looked over your wiki page and I think she'd make a fantastic teacher! Zigovali needs someone that knows what they're doing, and has a discipline he sorely lacks. They're also vastly different characters--an honorable knight and an unscrupulous scoundrel--so it'd be interesting to see. Find me in-game sometime and we can talk!
  2. One-handed swords; really just the fundamentals. Since he's going down the RDM path, he needs to learn how to wield a lighter sword, without a shield or sidearm. The RP is mainly so I don't have Zigovali suddenly become adept enough to be a RDM. Much more the connection and relationship than anything, to make his growth into RDM believable and organic.
  3. G_ao6b75Saw You're insulted you can't be bought or sold Translation: offer too low You don't know what you're worth It isn't much
  4. Zigovali is going to become a RDM IC starting sometime in Stormblood, but the poor guy has never picked up a sword in his life. So I'm looking for someone to train Zigo in swordplay! Said mentor should be patient, skilled with the blade, and experienced in its use. A character older than Zigo (he's 23) is preferred. Any race will do, so long as they can teach a lalafell! TL;DR I'm looking for someone to be the Anthony Hopkins to Zigo's Antonio Banderas. -mcUPY0RMdU
  5. Granted, the title is a bit odd, so let me explain. I'm not sure where else to post this sort of request, but if there is a better place, I ask that I am told where. I've running an RP plot with my FC with a rather large scale. In it I have four "bosses" planned, and I need visual references for each (I am running the plot in Discord, as I am DMing multiple characters and NPCs). I would just go into character creator and make faces, but that fails to truly capture an important character such as what I have planned. So here's what I am asking: I need three people (already have the fourth done by a friend) that fit the descriptions below to volunteer to be models for these NPCs. You will most likely have to change your facial features at the aesthetician, and equip appropriate armor for the character. All I'll need are a few /gpose shots, and you're done! In return, I will pay each model 10,000 gil, plus the 2,000 gil spent on the aesthetician. Here's the sort of people I'll need: Male Hellsguard Roegadyn Dark Knight Female Plainsfolk Lalafell Scholar Male Seeker Miqo'te Monk If one of these sounds like you, please reply and we'll get in touch! Thank you!
  6. Name: Zigovali Rigovali Type of date desired: Service Brief description of your character or character's service: Eorzea's self-proclaimed "Oratory Virtuoso", Zigovali is a man of many talents, and of many faces. His services are diverse and directed for the most dedicated and discerning demographics. For this Date Auction, he offers: Freelance Consultation: Zigovali boasts a wide array of knowledge (if not all that deep), and has a knack for creative, often unorthodox, solutions. Anyone with a problem of any kind will likely find an answer from him, or at least a well-intentioned suggestion. Diplomatic Services: Negotiating contracts and agreements, meeting with dignitaries and delegations, or even simply resolving disputes of any size in a peaceful manner. Zigovali prides his diplomatic skill highly. Magickal Might: While still a student, Zigovali's aetherical ability is potent, and for the right price, he's willing to lend his strength to the right cause. Discreet Solutions: If you have to ask what he means, it's likely not meant for you. Zigovali offers this service to more discerning parties. You know who you are. More information about Zigovali can be found on his Wiki page.
  7. We've got some Them Crooked Vultures fans in here, right? Right? VSnCKhRGu3w
  8. Zigovali's lineup: - Maractus (Main partner) - Roserade - Solrock - Honchkrow - Flygon - Mismagius Roserade and Maractus aren't so much meant for serious battling, but more to indulge in Zigovali's love of dance and roses. He caught a Solrock for the obvious sun symbolism. Honchkrow, Flygon, and Mismagius are his powerhouses, while still sharing in his own aesthetics of shady activity, the desert, and magick. As a Trainer, he's not one to say no to a fight, but he enjoys putting Roserade and Maractus into Contests and similar events.
  9. I try to stay as consistent to lore as possible. The only place I have ever really bent the lore a bit is with Zigovali's Echo (still unbeknownst to him), which changes the way he does some of his magick. This choice is purely to make things more interesting and give him some pretty profound predicaments; he is in no way stronger or more powerful than a regular caster for his differences.
  10. Zigovali would serve as a good contact; Wander may even find some nice work from him. PM me in-game if you see me!
  11. In Eorzea, adventurers are accustomed to monsters and foes, and with dispatching them, often lethally. We have warriors brandishing huge axes, thaumaturges slinging fire and lightning, and archers and machinists firing projectiles into all sorts of foes. Violence is a normal part of the adventurer's challenges. However, Zigovali is not an adventurer. Zigovali lived on Pearl Lane for many years, so violence was something he did see, though not every day, and rarely lethal. He himself has been non-violent, both by principle and by lack of means. But his recent and rapidly growing proficiency in arcanima has given him access to many new offensive spells, including his new favorite, Broil. Yet until last night, he had only used Broil on practice dummies, or on sufficiently-protected opponents in tournaments. But last night, he finally used Broil on an enemy, and the resulting blast killed them. He did not realize what he had done in the heat of the moment, but once the dust had settled, it dawned on him, and sent him into shellshock. Zigovali now has to deal with the crushing guilt of taking a life--something he is very unaccustomed to. He has only been skilled in wordplay and diplomacy until now; he is not at all the sort of man to be alright with killing someone personally, and he definitely lacks the mental fortitude to resist the guilt. Will he ever use magick offensively again, having taken a life? We'll have to see.
  12. Zigovali loves films with plenty of adventure, intrigue, and, of course, romance. Top among his favorites would be The Count of Monte Cristo and The Princess Bride.
  13. I think Shopu has more screenshots than I do of these two, but I'm sure these will suffice for now. Shoshopu Shopu and Zigovali Rigovali! They're too adorable sometimes (most of the time). https://40.media.tumblr.com/83022f335e0ee84aa6926c1f4c4a22ed/tumblr_o0rt4kTg8m1tlcg0eo1_1280.jpg[/img] http://i.imgur.com/yIgVxAX.jpg[/img] http://i.imgur.com/FD8kJva.png[/img]
  14. From the beginning I knew that Zigovali needed a Hispanic accent (which is horrendously difficult to type out; I'm still looking for some way to make the accent apparent from reading, without needing to state that he has it). So, naturally, it was a toss-up between Antonio Banderas, and one other noteworthy cinematic Dashing Hispanic. I went with the latter. k7zvffHu_wo Mandy Patinkin's performance as Inigo Montoya resonated better for Zigovali, being much more light-hearted than Banderas. While more verbose than Montoya, Zigovali has more or less the same level of passion and charisma, if not the sword-fighting skill or desire for revenge.
  15. I only have a basic knowledge of MTG, but I figured I'd make Zigovali a basic support-kind of creature. He can be played immediately, and his effects are small but could make big changes.
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