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  1. ♦LFRP: RED MAGE MENTOR♦ Admiah Kreiston Is a hard-working, Lominsan-born woman in her mid-twenties. Over the past few years, she has seen more of the world than she ever imagined she would, embarking on enlightening journeys and treacherous adventures alike. During one of these myriad tribulations, she came into possession of a Red Mage's focus found amid the crumbling stonework of the Ziggurat. These past two summers have seen her put it to heavy use, learning Thaumaturgy and Conjury alike from a slew of mentors. Though she still considers herself an amateur in both s
  2. BUMP! I've included an update to the original post to include the Auction we'll be holding as well! Looking forward to seeing everyone's spooky formal wear!
  3. Schedule for 10/20 altered; Update on initial post! And thank you to EVERYONE who came yesterday! We had a phenomenal turn-out and had a frightfully fantastic time enjoying the scary season with all of you!
  4. <IC> The sanguine hum of violins, the sweet taste of wine, the kiss of a costumed stranger beneath Menphina's hallowed light - Can you envision it as the days pass by and the celebration approaches? Gather under the Sable Tree for a night of refuge in our first annual All Saints' Wake Ball! Join us on the final eve of the moon, share a drink and dance 'til your slippers break at the heels! Will you encounter your fated half-- or share a pas-de-deux with Lady Death herself? Should dance and drink not sate your desire, whispers of an auction of relics both curious and occult ma
  5. Join the Sable Tree Company for two frightening nights of festivities and delves into a haunted labyrinth! UPDATE 10/20: While the maze will be open on 10/20, 5pm PDT-9pm PDT, guests are asked to send an in-game /tell to Admiah Kreiston or Veyha Yanjahl upon arrival to take part in the maze! There will be NO costume contest, food/beverage service or outdoor games on this day of the event! ] <IC> Welcome to The Sable Tree Company's third All Saints' Wake celebration! Come visit our garden
  6. This board looks fantastic. I can't wait to see people make use of it! Might even try to think of a couple ventures, myself.
  7. Hey! I'd love the chance for my Keeper of the Moon (and certified Ijin) Syzih Quibilah to run into Ryuji! She's just the type of person to drag complete strangers on wild goose chases for the hell of it, so I think it'd be a wonderful opportunity for us both to flex our RP muscles! She's also staying in the Othard regions for the foreseeable future, so while she might not be the ticket to Eorzea Ryuji might be looking for, they can still have fun adventures in familiar(for him) territory! I'll try and poke you online when I can. I won't be about FFXIV until later today (PDT), but if
  8. [align=center]Syzih Quibilah is a Keeper of the Moon miqo'te with a penchant for wandering that would put even the unluckiest males in her clan to shame. While she delights in the more innocent kind of pranks and tomfoolery, nothing makes her happier than seeing that smile of hers shared on the faces of those she interacts with, even when they're upside-down.[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Having been missing from Eorzea for the past few months, I've decided that her errant feet have taken her to the far shores of Othard. In particular I wanted her to learn and - in som
  9. http://i.imgur.com/abBSGfX.jpg[/img]OOOH, PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME MY CHARACTER WOULD BE ALMOST PERFECT FOR THIS AND I REALLY WANTED HER TO HAVE A MENTOR TYPE ;A; RP style(s)(such as M, E, Paragraph, etc): Generally any, though ERP I only wish to do when it's meaningful to the development of plot/relationship between characters. I'm happy with Paragraph RP but I do prefer to mix in smaller posts when I feel it's unnecessary to type a 5-sentence response to another's emote(Like answering a question, furthering dialogue, etc.) Race: Mixed Hyur (Highlander father, Midlander mother.
  10. I just have to say, I'm BLOWN AWAY by the level of detail and organization in your guys' FC! I took some time to take a peek at your FC house in the mist and it brought a tear to my eye. :cry: If my native Limsan ever decides try try and be strong enough to join the Maelstrom, I'd love to sign up! When recruitment is open, o'course. Again, REALLY well done and I can't wait to see more of you folks in action!
  11. Oh, hey! You complimented my elezen earlier today, and here I find this thread!! If I don't poke yah first, and if you wanna RP with my elezen, Sage(she's an ishgardian expatriate), gimme a poke in-game! I'm usually on my main Admiah, so you might have to send a tell to her.
  12. [align=center]Still on the lookout for potential up-and-coming tailors!![/align]
  13. If Syzih can't convince a random stranger to put on some random clothes for the benefit of random people, I don't know who can!
  14. Thank you!! We'll be really glad if we can put some smiles on people's faces with this ;A; Worren sounds PERFECT! We'll /tell yah ASAP!
  15. [align=center]This thread is funded by the Quowaital Foundation[/align] [align=center]est. Last Tuesday[/align]
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