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Flexible Au Ra character

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Alright, since I'm having a lot of block with Zhi, tossing my Au Ra into the mix.


Refugee, searching for a mythological/rumored cure for someone left behind in a "safe place" she refuses to talk about. Highly religious, somewhat xenophobic; she is struggling to adhere to her faith despite continually coming up against things that contradict it. As a result she is slow to accept change, and she is handling the culture shock of Eorzea by rationalizing the people and cultures as being inferior in various ways to her own.


But still, in her own foolishness, she has spent the things of value she owned and now lives hand to mouth, doing small jobs to get by (the ones she doesn't scorn, anyways) and occasionally breaking laws by accident. Meanwhile, I'd like her to meet people who make her question her concept of truth and what's "normal."


She is wary, but still gets taken advantage of due to her poor understandings of Eorzean laws and customs.


She is skilled with animal husbandry, basic leatherworking and sewing, some botany, hunting (archery, though she's not so great at it in forests), and replicating animal calls.


She has high ideals of loyalty and family, and some twisted ideas of honor (when it is and isn't applicable; she's of a survivalist mentality first and foremost). She's determined to complete her quest, but her increasingly complicated doubts are starting to make her question everything.


Hit me up if interested. Adventuring, retrospectives, skullduggery, mishaps, misunderstandings, employer/employee -- whatevs. I got your back, boo.


Time is limited in game; if we can't make in-game work and you don't mind a forum thread that'd be great. Leave a reply here or send me a pm.

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Hm, my alt is wary of Xaela, but gravitates toward Raen as the one familiar thing for her in Eorzea. I see a strong parallel in the social and spiritual difficulties, and a sense of alienation both internal and external.


Our time zones are fairly close, it seems. If there are details I could provide that would help determine if you'd want to RP, just let me know. I typically get on both my characters daily.

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I am about to switch my main to a new Au Ra charater. Her arrival story leaves her in the camps outside of Ul'dar. I am going for intelegent and educated, yet still steeped in the tribal aspects of life.


She may not have an answer but she would be sypathetic to helping.


In a nutshell..


Tumet tribe, she failed the tied-to-tree test and was taken into the Kha tribe to serve a mystic. Now finds herself alone in a strange land on the bad end of luck.


[PS - happy to do forum, gdocs or other channels of RP]

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@Hiroto Absolutely! Due to me still trying to figure out a comfortable schedule with work and school, the only day I'm for sure for sure gonna be on is Saturday -- so I will search for you when I am on, as well. :) It could be fun to see how Geneq clansmen from different camps/family groups interact! Wavekin language fun? Heck to the yeah!


@Goodfellow - I will take any and all of your characters, mate. Bring 'em on. One of the fun things I was looking to do was a reversal of how the Mongolians were viewed in history. Everyone thought the steppes groups were brutal savages with the intellect of common beasts, whose culture was nothing more than the barest assemblage of ritualized behaviors. So I'm inverting that, where Ukakijin comes to Eorzea through a situation out of her control, and sees all the ways the Eorzeans lives, and thinks she's stuck in some kind of backwards hell filled with savages. As time passes, her perceptions and beliefs are going to be repeatedly challenged, and the fun for me is seeing if she's able to adjust and accept that people are not so easily categorized into boxes, or have a break and/or meltdown under the weight of her own bigotry. So . . . I'm down for whatever you got. :D

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Hm...I've got two or three that you might be interested.  There's the Seeker former slave, the bard errant Keeper huntress, and the mute Xaela survivalist magician*.  None are terribly developed just yet, but all came to mind reading your posts, and Styrm didn't have much definition when we started playing with him anyways, so we can write around that.:thumbsup:


*Note: there are several other character options if none of those whet your appetite.

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Interested, oh yes!


Kahn'a is a late soldier for the Flames. Though not technically part of the law-enforcement in Thalanan, any threat/"threat" —as minor as somebody trespassing or dealing in prohibited goods— must be dealt with. Coming from a secluded clan of traditionnalists, he too approaches the more lively areas of Eorzea with a squinting eye, yet has already started to adapt to their lifestyle. He still values home and its teachings much above those of the space he now occupies, and longs to return but will not do so until the task he was sent for is complete, not to count that he is slowly developping a new sense of loyalty with those he managed to connect to.


Sounds familiar yet? On paper, our two characters don't look so different, and I think the "I was you/You could be me" dynamic could be fertile to friendship, rivalry or anything that two characters with similar backgrounds but different experiences can make happen. You name it!

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