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Bloodsands competitors and fans! let's get connected

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I play a gladiator, and honestly not knowing many others who participate in the Bloodsands is kinda silly, right? Val has one friend he hangs out with, but there have to be more fighters and fans from the Coliseum. I know there's been attempts in coordinating a list of gladiators, but why not make it easier to meet other competitors and fans for rp? Personally, I know I want to. Having two gladiators talk about competitions, shoddy recruits, and their last bout is really great. Personally I want to find more gladiators and fans myself, make new connections and get Val out there talking to people in his weirdly archaic way.


Joining a general ls was one of the greatest ideas for my alt, so I, along with the player of Val's gladiator friend, am starting up a general interest LS for all Bloodsands people. Gladiators (new, old, retired, aspiring), admirers, fans, and even staff or support can join. Anyone who would like to be involved in this sort of thing! I'd really like to meet more people involved in the Bloodsands. It's a great way to meet new chars and make new friends or rivals!


>>>>> http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=13540 <<<<


come join us in our love for all things Bloodsands!


Any questions? I'll be happy to answer them. Send me a tell in game (Valentinoix Thibault or Jeantremont Arbeau) or ping me here in the forums. Mhaya Bajihri is also available to send out invites.


I am available usually after 630pm PST. Mhaya is on earlier than I.

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I'll be less mysterious.


The Bloodsands is a "legit" environment for fighting now. While it's not what it was pre-Calamity, it still gets a lot of service in ARR and beyond as a spectacle-fighter of sorts. Big gimmick matches, legitimate combat, but most of all: Stuff people want to pay to see. This is canonical.


On the off-canon side of things, there's an event called the Grindstone (and I apologize if I've mentioned this in your presence before, I kind of have a reputation for it). The links in my signature block will fill you in about it, but it's somewhat similar to the pre-Calamity spirit of the Bloodsands that 1.0 showed us: A gaggle of fighters specializing in different disciplines come out once a week and beat the shit out of each other, and there's a token cash prize at the end for whomever overcomes the odds and rises above the hate.


If you're interested, there's a bunch of info in those links to be had. It's not the straight-Gladiator combat that you're looking for, but there's plenty of people there who treat it as such. Check it out if it's a thing you might be interested in: Participation's free, spectating's free, and there's generally always a crowd to watch. Just don't mind the chatscroll...


Edit: At the very least, the guy who runs it was part of the Bloodsands roughly seven~ years ago in game.

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I am well aware of the Grindstone. I've been to a few of the events and know some of the fighters both in and out of character. I had figured you all had some sort of ls or otherwise so I wanted to create something a little different. Certainly not trying to step on anyone's toes here.


I did not play 1.0 (I was off playing another game at the time). I started in 2.0. I'm basing it more around how it is portrayed in that particular setting and how other players play it off to be like. The Hildibrand quests gave us some pretty good insight on some of the Coliseum's workings in the current setting. It is this huge piece of Ul'dah's culture.


My idea with this linkshell is not really like a grindstone, it's not to get together and beat the shit out of each other (well if you want to, more power to you). I want it to be something more like a way to find other people who fight in the Bloodsands and play with them outside the arena, connecting the fighters and the fans in a more social way than combative. I'd like it to be like one of my other ls's, a general interest as well. A good foundation to start meeting people who play characters with similar origins or interests, forming relationships, and finding new rp. Sure, going to the Quicksand is always an option, but that's like going to the bar in real life. You don't always find people with similar interests and interjecting into a party chat can be a little intimidating for some people.


Personally, Val and his gladiator friend have a lot in common. They train together, they talk about fights, complain about the newbies, hell they even play cards sometimes. Beating the shit out of each other is fun, yes, but I personally like the social aspect of it too. I'd like to be able to bring people together on both aspects.

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