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What is the difference between snowmen and snowwomen?


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Yes, hello. Please don't throw fruit at me! :cactuar:


Capheira here, new to the forums and FFXIV-based roleplay as a whole. I've dabbled in 1.0, and the initial release of ARR on another server, though never for any great length of time, nor in a roleplay sense. That being said, prior to finding myself here among you, I have been roleplaying for almost two years in varied environments and am sincerely look forward to seeing what the community has to offer. Information on my play-style can be found in the directory.


To date, I have been RPing on Balmung for an approximate week, and already had the absolute pleasure of meeting a few wonderful characters. For those whom I've not yet encountered; I play the roguish Odette Saoirse - a bawdy, rough 'n' tumble sailor with a heart of gold, a terrible sense of direction and a penchant for all things intrigue, music and liquor. 


IRL; I'm currently freelancing as a Graphic Designer while I obtain my qualifications in the same field. I intend to use these skills here also, and contribute in this area as required. Currently, I am in the process of putting together a wikia page for my character.


Questions, comments, RP requests are welcome.

See you in game!

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Capheira is an awful roleplayer! I mean, she inspired me to come back to FF14, roll up an awesome new character, and GM a handful of plots that I'm having a lot of fun with. Really, how terrible can someone be?! 4 Srs!



She's an absolute delight to RP with and I for one am very excited to watch this great community mercilessly pig pile her. You'll see.


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Hello and welcome! It's good to see you here on the forums. I enjoyed the rp with you and Nero the other night, alas the weather had other plans. We lost power for a good hour or so, hence why I dropped off the face of Eorzea. :frustrated: Hopefully, we'll get another chance in the future!


*is now in the mood to build a snowman*

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