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Elezen Friend Finder


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[align=center]ELEZEN FRIEND FINDER![/align]








Inspired by the earlier thread (http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=14151) I posted I decided to release the game me and few of my friends sometimes find ourselves playing in Quicksand. 


The Elezen Friend Finder is a game initially assumed to be designed by Ancient Lalafells native to the Sea of Clouds several millennias ago. Originally designed to sharpen Lalavision to detect elusive preys like the Endangered Elezen amongst the sea of Miqo'te and improve their sniping skills to pick out rare hunts while ignoring everything else, this popular game that was improvised by the Lalafell Green Berets is now available to play by all races on Eorzea. 


The rules of the game are quite simple. 


1. Spot a Elezen Player in game and stand next to them to /pose or other random emote and take a Screenshot. 


2. Post the screenshot of your rare hunt in this thread. 


3. Tell us a brief story about this rare hunt and to what perilous journey you've had to face in order to find this majestic endangered beast. 


4. The screenshot of the hunt cannot be a Selfie. 


5. Rarer the better! It's been notified by several reliable informants that Male Elezens are rare and even rarer are the STRAIGHT Male Elezens! Find these rare creatures that are rarer than Odin!

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If we're limiting this to the Quicksand can we also make this a thread where we find straight miqo'te/elezen females? Because I don't think they exist either.


(Also someone get a snapshot of Remilion. He's straight and elezen and he lives in the Quicksand. Every time I go there, he's there. I can't do it, I'm a male character in game, it might look homoseksual.)

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Found an utter masterpiece of a Duskwight while wandering through Limsa. I already forget their name, though!



And here we have a wild Summer Lebeau in their natural habitat. I always seem to see this character around Gridania and I always stop to admire their mad Character Creation skillz.


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