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If your character lived here, on Earth, what country would they live in, what religion if any, what things from our world would they like, what would be their moneymaking job, and where do they live? [apartment/house || alone/roomie/family] If you can think of other things on Earth they'd like, do, or be. Then please list it if you want. :3


. . .


Claire Storme would be from the Southern USA [Louisiana/Bayou], she'd be christian [Mostly out of 90% of her family being that and not being too dis-satisfied by being with that], she like's watching sports on tv during big events [superbowl and World Cup etc] and she gets really animated watching it, she'd have a completely un-original 9-5 job at a supermarket. Her apartment is in a semi-redneck part of town with thin walls and sometimes wildlife wanders onto the property.

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I like to write Sounsyy's real life AU occasionally so this prompt is pretty easy. "Sophie" Mirke would live in a place called Waldport, Oregon. She rents a house with two other roommates, though she spends most of her time working the daytime shift at a local diner called the Rough Sea. She keeps an unloaded shotgun behind the counter, even though she's never had to use it. Most days are pretty boring so she keeps to her routine of waking up early, going out for her run before work, and coming home to mother her roommates. Oh, she's not really religious, but her father is a practicing Jew.

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Vahlkrys would be living with his adopted father in New York city and working probably his twentieth part time job, having been fired from the others because he suddenly started screwing off as soon as he started to be trained to have responsibility. His friend went overseas because his ex was having issues, and he managed to sink his friend's company in a couple days, now he's enlisted in a last desperate attempt to get his head on straight.

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Aaron would be living by himself somewhere with a lot of rural area akin to the Great Plains areas of NA since its quiet and peaceful for the most part.


His job would be a animal trapper or poisoner to deal with Wolves or such that cause problems for nearby farms and he'd be living in the typical white person house with a lot of rather open lands and a dog or two.


His day for the most part would consist of snoozing on the porch of his home in a hammock staring out at rolling green plains of nothing but tall grass and bison on the horizon

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Edgar would be off doing his own thing, living by himself. He'd make friends every now and then, and if they were especially kind, he'd resolve to keep them around, but for the mostpart, he'd contribute very little to the outside world, and mainly keep to himself while building up a stockpile of literature.

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I suppose Suen could be coming from around Mongolia or Siberia, having been raised in the non nomadic parts of it, and having fled that life to greener and more uncertain pastures, on the road, doing petty jobs to do a few more kilometers that could bring her closer to all the asian high tech fashionable places like Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc...


I suppose she could have a gift for everything electronic.

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