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Looking to meet new RPers

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Hello there! In an effort to make some new RP friends I thought I would post here. Some brief information about Paul:


He's easy going and can hold a conversation with almost any one. He loves his rum and can barely resist throwing in a flirtatious comment here and there. He's an inspector for the Grand Companies, so if your character keeps up with current events, his name may sound familiar. Currently he is investigating a masked vigilante known as Viper. Because of the nature of Paul's work, he can be anywhere to meet!


As for me I enjoy dramatic, romantic, and story-driven RP (and a good laugh as well). I'm Paul Desmond in game or if you are in the Hugs & Cakes LS I can be reached there. I also RP via skype, so PM if you would like to do that as well!


(Paul's partial story on RPC wiki: tinyurl.com/desmond28)


Thanks for looking!

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