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I really wanna RP as a Summoner


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Hey guys,

I'm taking a page from the "Is it really impossible to RP if I want my character to become a White Mage" by missmizzy4.


How can I RP as a Summoner? I love the class and the lore behind it, I know they are suppose to be few and far between, but I really love RPing with summons/pets/mounts (did this in World of Warcraft for years.) How would you suggest I go about doing so? I really want to use the elemental horses as summons.


I'm toying with the thought of my character being like the main character from Supergirl, living her life until a day came where she had to use her powers. She is a master weaver/goldsmith and she is sought after by high ranking families who want her creations. :) She is the adopted daughter so she is trained along side her sister, Tsubasa.


So what do you think? Anyway my idea could be plausible?


Thank you for reading!

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You can roleplay as you wish, however. If you want my honest opinion? I don't like that character concept idea at all, I would go for someone who properly has been studying the art of summoners, and not just had it happen to over night.


But hey, your sub, your roleplay. Just keep in mind the more lore abiding roleplayers might not be seeking you out for roleplay if you wish to go down that route.


Arcanist on the other hand is something you could do a lot easier! Carbuncles are easier to control, and lot easier to implement in your roleplay. And a lot more adorable, so would be an arcanist with a carbuncle by a more valid option for you if you want to roleplay with pets out?

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Summoners in and of themselves aren't necessarily unplayable. Canonically, many people have the capability of having both the echo and Hydaelyn's blessing. In 1.0, they established that while "rare" on the grand scheme of things, there was literally an entire order of people who had the echo (of which your character eventually became a part of). That being said, given the frequency of primal summons and that key note, a Summoner is certainly doable.


Of course, being a Summoner means your character would have had to have defeated any primal they wished to summon, though this is a given. Not necessarily something you can do accidentally, even with a group of others who cannot be tempered.


Lastly, canonically, the horses are not actual summons. They were once nightmares, which are beasts that were given to the tribes by the Ascians. The primals themselves then tempered these nightmares into the legendary horses you see in-game. The established canon for these horses (and nightmares) is that they can only be tamed and called to one's side by use of a unique whistle. That's just established canon, however.


All that being said, you should ultimately do what you want to do. Some people may dig it, others might not, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that you enjoy yourself. If you're doing just that, well, that's all that matters.

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Nothing wrong with it.


Just decide what sort of summoning, classic or bend it a bit for flavour. Also, have a good story for your character on top of that. Build in how they learned their art along with life events etc..


Mu Au Ra, as a Tribal Shaman summons spirits. This effect/result is the same but she learned it elsewhere, so iFrit is Fire Spirit and so on.

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Also looking to play a summoner, but more of an apprentice who's still learning .I noticed you have to defeat a Primal to summon it (makes sense), but what about Carbuncles?



Carbuncles are a manifestation of your Aether (and the aether of crystals you carry) into a familiar, that all Arcanists have the power to create. These are similar in concept to an Egi, but do not require an imprint of a primal to create.



That being said, you don't exactly have to defeat a Primal in single combat. Anyone resistant to tempering could have gone with one of the Grand Companies and defeated one, or a prospective Summoner could have lingered around frequent summoning areas until the Scions came along to wipe out the most recent summoning, and then grabbed the imprint off the aftermath, or any number of options.

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Go for it? haha

I know someone who went through a ton of steps to be able to summon Titan Egi ICly.

Go ICly kill a primal and then go digging through Allagan ruins.

In the current history of Eorzea, that's prolly the easiest way to do it.


Carbuncles you get through the guild with a stone....thing.

Not an arcanist or a smn so I don't really know >> But this is what I understand from a friend who does RP one...

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