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Wandering soul looking for connections

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Hello all,


This one is very much into all kinds of stories and contrary to her usual keeper reclusiveness, actually found a new enjoyment into meeting interesting folks. 'Interesting' of course meaning sometimes being proportional to the obscure creepy scary awesome cool spooky level of the stuff ensuing. She is currently wandering the road aimlessly and contrary to what she would like to admit, feels a bit lost deep down.


That said now, I think that building a network of (lasting!) connections is a must. I am also interested in any hook you might have in mind if you have any (as long as it fits and suits my character situation naturally), or if you are looking into RP, I'm here! If you want to read more, don't hesitate to take a look at her wiki (link in signature), which is still a laborious work in progress.


Just a note on the RP in question: the usual, I tend to play modest characters, the kind of everyday folks you would encounter in Eorzea with her few quirks of course. She is what you would call very green, and called to evolve at the flow of RP eventually. So, if you are more into the grandiose epic heroes kind of RP, maybe i'm not the best candidate here, although who knows, the mix could do the trick... 


Anyway, I'm an EU player, available most evenings between 20:00 and 24:00, and the week end most of the time. Feel free to hit me up!

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Headmaster Doctor Stien Skjold is a retired travelling Doctor who is known to travel from time to time. It would be possible for the two to meet even share among a tale or two.


I am a EU player and I don't mind RPing with all walks of life. To be honest it is one of the perks to RPing a doctor, I can encounter many different styles of Roleplay.



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Thank you for all the people I had the time to interact with! I know there are some of you still left and I'm still trying to find a good time to hook up with you ingame.


It made otherwise interesting things and shenanigans happen around my character and things are moving... Being looked for by the Brass Blades, and now embroiled into shady things in Thanalan.


Don't hesitate anyone to hit me up ingame if any hooks or ideas interest you there!

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