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Ebonbrand Valentione's Giveaway!

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In the spirit of Valentione's Day, inspired by the generosity of RiniKett and our friends at the Wayfarer's of Eorzea, Ebonbrand are giving away a selection of mounts and minions to five lucky forumites! That's right, by simply stating your interest and listing the items from 1-5 in order of preference, you'll go into the draw to win one of five mogstation gift codes! Winners will be selected by a random number generator and posted on the 15th of February 2016, the same day as the celebration end.


This giveaway is sponsored by and made possible by Ebonbrand's current recruitment drive! Whilst awaiting the results, we encourage you to swing by our FC Page for further information regarding how you can get on board with our little family of unsuspicious mercenaries.






The Red Baron [Mount]

Roam the wilds of Eorzea aboard the Red Baron!


A suit of warmachina customized and operated by XIVth Legion tribunus Nero tol Scaeva.

Your friends will look upon you with envy as you take to the field and skies in this crimson mechanical marvel.





Sleipnir [Mount]

The undying steed of the elder primal Odin.


This item allows you to summon forth Sleipnir, the legendary mount of the elder primal Odin.

An exceptional addition to your stable!





Tender Lamb [Minion]

A soft and fluffy lamb to call your very own.


A lovely, tender lamb, complete with fleece, white as snow. Where ever your

adventures may take you, this adorable companion is sure to go.





Hoary the Snowman [Minion]

You'll be cold but never alone with this darling snowman!


This minion was crafted to commemorate the Starlight Celebration. When friends

ask if you want to build a snowman, you'll be one step ahead with this dapper snow gentleman.





Thancred [Minion]

A clockwork doll crafted to resemble Thancred.


This minion has been crafted at the behest of the Adventurers' Guild in celebration of the Rising, Eorzea's annual celebration of rebirth. Though perhaps not as irresistibly charming as the man himself, ladies still swoon at the sight of this dashing miniature.


~Good Luck to All!~[/align]





The following names were drawn at random and have been awarded the following prizes:[/align]


1. Antain - The Red Baron

2. Gallien Vyese - Thancred Minion

3. RiniKett - Sleipnir

4. Amondrask - Hoary the Snowman

5. JudicialHunter - Tender Lamb


[align=center]Thank you for participating, please stay tuned for future giveaways!

In the meantime, please feel free to drop the Ebonbrand Linkshell page, and enjin!


Winners, please check your inboxes for the mogstation codes~[/align]

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Unsuspicious mercernaries. Ha! 


But seriously guys check out Ebonbrand. As their former neighbours I can confirm they're a fun bunch not to mention a talented lot of rpers.

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Thank you guys for doing this! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see it inspire others to the do the same! And I get to take part this time! lol


1.The Red Baron

2. Slepnir

3. thancrid

4. Horay the snowman

5. Tender Lamb

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