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Fate-14 Master Page of Storylines


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Like it says on the tin: this is a thread dedicated to keeping track of and discussing the various Fate-14 stories, past, present and future. Anyone starting up a plot in the Fate-14 system should feel free to post it below~ Also a spot for general discussion about Fate-14, Roll Eorzea, and related topics as a whole.




Roll Eorzea, the LS!


Fate-14!? What the heck is this! (rules and character sheets!)




Sunday, Apr 1st, 8 pm EST - Blood Moon Rising event B


Saturday, March 31st, 2018, 7pm EST - Somnum Aurelis event a)


Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, 8pm EST - Somnum Aurelis event b)





Blood Moon Rising 


Boldly Into the Dark


Iron Chef Eorzea


Lucy Leaf's Loose Leves


Primeval (Sign-Ups)

Primeval (IC Thread)


Somnum Aurelis


Starsfall, Once Again (Sign-Ups)

Starsfall, Once Again (IC Thread)



On Hold


APE Escape 2: Mammet Boogaloo


Dead God's Chest (Sign-Ups)

Dead God's Chest (IC Thread)



Silent Voices (Sign-Ups)

Silent Voices (IC Thread)





Ape Escape


Crimes Against Nature (Sign-Ups)

Crimes Against Nature (IC Thread)


Merchant, Marine (Sign-Ups)

Merchant, Marine (IC Thread)


My Brother's Keeper (Sign-Ups)

My Brother's Keeper (IC Thread)


Noirzea (Sign-Ups)

Noirzea (IC Thread)


Scales in the Sand (OOC Masterpost)

Scales in the Sand (IC Thread)


Starsfall (Sign-Ups)

Starsfall (IC Thread)




This particular story is run under a related system, F-5! It is closely-related to Fate-14, and considered simplified. Rules contained [herein!]

Das Loot (OOC thread)

Das Loot (IC thread)

Das Loot (Secondary IC thread)


THIS page: http://tinyurl.com/f14storylist

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It doesn't *precisely* use Fate-14 (we're using a lightweight subset of Fate-14 called F-5), but Das Loot should probably go up here. Anyone with a Fate-14 sheet should be able to drop into this with a minimum of fuss.



RL led to a longer-than-normal hiatus between the first and second events, but I'm looking to have the next event in the next couple of weeks.

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It doesn't *precisely* use Fate-14 (we're using a lightweight subset of Fate-14 called F-5), but Das Loot should probably go up here. Anyone with a Fate-14 sheet should be able to drop into this with a minimum of fuss.



RL led to a longer-than-normal hiatus between the first and second events, but I'm looking to have the next event in the next couple of weeks.


Added it in! ^^

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Sounsyy Mirke



Great(+4): Notice

Good(+3): Gladiator, Physique

Fair(+2): Athletics, Ride, Provoke

Average(+1): Gunner, Contacts, Lore, Investigate




High Concept: A Veteran of Too Many Wars

Some might not consider killing Garleans a viable career path, but after the fall of Ala Mhigo that felt like Sounsyy's only true calling. From the days of the Ala Mhigan Resistance to her time as a Knight of the Barracuda at Carteneau, she's made sure to be in a position to fight a one-woman war against Garlemald whenever the opportunity arises. But if your career path is to topple an evil empire, is there ever a good time to collect retirement?


Trouble Aspect: Post-Traumatic Maintenance Alcoholic

If you persistently push forwards through life, eventually you're going to look back at the path you've carved out. So it was with Sounsyy in the years spent recovering from the Calamity and her injuries sustained on Carteneau. Some reflection and introspection can be good for the soul, but when dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, things aren't quite so easy. Sounsyy turned to alcoholism to hide both physical and mental traumas. She may be a great bar-side companion, but rarely does one see the aftermath behind closed doors.


Character Aspect #1: An Officer But No Gentleman

Despite her Ala Mhigan upbringing, Sounsyy is a true woman of the Five Seas. She's come to consider it a second home and its often hard to tell she isn't a native. Now having been a sailor for nearly a decade and a Captain of the Knights of the Barracuda (and later Maelstrom) for the last seven, Captain Sounsyy Mirke has developed a bit of a reputation in Limsa for combining the most ruthless aspects of Lominsan piracy and Ala Mhigan jingoism in her Levy's campaigns. While this has garnered some modicum of respect from some, it has also landed Sounsyy and her captaincy in perilous waters before.


Character Aspect #2: Crime Doesn't Pay ...Well

Sounsyy has always followed her own path, sometimes against the better judgement of those closest to her. In some of Sounsyy's darker moments, she's turned to crime to accomplish her ends where law, fairness, and divine retribution seemed to have fallen short. Much like evil empires, evil deeds are often hard to expunge in one short lifetime, especially when her crimes against the sultanate once landed her in the spotlight as a Noxius bloodsands gladiator.


Character Aspect #3: (Ala Mhigan) Resistance Was Futile

With enough determination, dedication, practice, and righteous zealotry most tasks can be accomplished when a people with nothing else to lose come together as one. Unfortunately, reclaiming Ala Mhigo was not one of those things. And it took Sounsyy nearly a decade to see she was fighting for a lost cause. While still fiercely passionate for and loyal to her people, she has decided there might be better ways to helping her fellow refugees than running headlong into cannon fire, however most Ala Mhigans don't seem to see it that way.



Physical Stress: 0/1 0/2 0/3 0/4

Mental Stress: 0/1 0/2


Fate Points: 3/3



Mild (-2):


Moderate (-4):


Severe (-6):




Stunt #1: Two If By Sea

Veteran sailors are most at home in the water. Sounsyy gains +2 to Athletics when on a boat or when swimming in a body of water too deep for her to stand in.


Stunt #2: Pulling Rank... and Files

Sounsyy may use Provoke in place of Will when defending against Provoke attempts from members of any Grand Company, provided they are below the rank of Captain.


Stunt #3: Line of Fire

Gain +2 to Gunner when attacking a target who has just moved into or out of Sounsyy's current zone during their most recent turn.



-:Class Abilities:-

Gladiator: (Bloodsands)

>Gladiators are very good at defending themselves. For a cost, a gladiator receives an extra free invoke after successfully rolling to create an advantage to defend herself.


>Gladiators are skilled at defending themselves from both melee and ranged attacks. For a cost, a gladiator receives a +2 bonus to rolls to defend against ranged and magic attacks.


Gunner: (Musketeer)

>Gunners may make ranged attacks from up to two zones away.


>Gunners often rely on specialized ammunition to make their future attacks more effective. For a cost, they may reduce the damage of a successful attack by 1 to gain a boost without the attack needing to be a critical success.








Razia Haiib



Great(+4): Fisher

Good(+3): Lore, Will

Fair(+2): Culinarian, Empathy, Rapport

Average(+1): Pugilist, Athletics, Notice, Resources




High Concept: Thavnairian Culinarian


Trouble Aspect:


Character Aspect #1:


Character Aspect #2:


Character Aspect #3:



Physical Stress: 0/1 0/2

Mental Stress: 0/1 0/2 0/3 0/4


Fate Points: 3/3



Mild (-2):


Moderate (-4):


Severe (-6):




Stunt #1:


Stunt #2:


Stunt #3:

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BUMPing this page because a massive update just took place, 3 whole new storylines just launched, it's crazy up in here. Constantly-active Discord, very busy LS in-game. Poke us if you're interested! Balmung server, if it's not been mentioned, though we'll invite anyone to the Disc, really, and if there's enough interest on other servers, who knows~

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