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Quick question about Role playing jobs

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Not the character classes jobs, but jobs in general. Do you correlate the job you're RPing with your character's actual skill? For example, if you role play as a chef, do you level up your culinarian class? If you role play as a merchant or a wealthy individual, do you actively sell items/make sure you have the actual Gil? Or is it all seen from a role playing perspective, separating what your character can actually do in the game vs what they can do icly. If you do connect them, how would feel towards someone who doesn't? Meeting an icly chef who hasn't touch the culinarian class ooc?

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People do both! It's honestly up to you and the people you RP with.


I will say that having the fancier gear can help sell a role better, but that's a matter of personal preference. As seen throughout the game, there are plenty of NPCs wearing a variety of outfits who all do the same jobs. (Unless say, you want to be a chocobo porter. Then I'd probably recommend trying to get the mask somehow).


As far as in-game resources showing IC resources, some people do it, others do not. Most of the date/RP auctions are ICly OOC and do involve real gil, but that's because most are used as gil fundraisers for housing (when or just before available). The event organizers will usually state whether gil is in-game or IC though, from my experiences.

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You really don't need to, although leveling the class/job can give you access to more interesting gear/skills/abilities that you may want for your RP, which would probably prompt you to level the class or job anyway.

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The short answer is "it depends on who you're roleplaying with".


I, personally, have never had a problem with separating IC from in-game. I don't need someone to be a 3-star Level 60 culinarian to tell me their character is a master chef, and I don't need someone to have thirty million in-game gil and an in-game mansion to tell me that their character is wealthy. I don't need a level 60 pugilist in i240 gear in order to believe that a character is a strong monk, and so on.


Some people will take the integration more seriously than others. Some people you may roleplay with might not believe your character is a thaumaturge if you don't even have thaumaturge unlocked. I'm fairly certain that the majority are very relaxed on this--especially because a lot of people, myself included, roleplay a "class" that doesn't really have a firm in-game equivalent--but you'll find hardcases and extreme examples everywhere.


So I'd say, don't let the game hinder your imagination. I personally would level the classes just for the sake of my own immersion, but if you don't feel that's necessary, I see no reason for you to invest in it if you feel you don't have to. It wouldn't stop me from roleplaying with you.

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Yes, but as a kind of side line for me. I actually RP through the game, as in my character plays and makes decisions based on them self and not on me. I also fuzzyfudge what the actual story is and overlay my own on top.


I am not the warrior of light, I am just a plain witch caught up in unusual circumstances.


So I don't tend to differentiate from RPing with others to doing quests and other game things.


The weakest this gets is probably in PvE instances but even then the flavour of my char tends to stick.

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