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[align=center]The Gold & Glitz Prom![/align]

[align=center]Hosted by @crescent-ffxiv & @drunkenmoogle​[/align]



Who: You, your beau, your besty, basically everyone!

What: An In-Character Prom Night with immersive romantic~ [cheesy] music streaming @tinyrul.com/crescent-play

  • Retro Prom Music 
    Dive deep into nostalgic  ‘retro’ prom music with us ooc! It can be from the 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s as long as it is prom-esque. An hour into the event [after our set of favorite songs] we’ll open the queue for you to DJ your favorite prom dance music! Do your worst!

  • Souvenir Photographs! 
    Want to remember this special night forever. Hit up the Photo booth and capture the memory! We’ll edit them with a heaping spoonful of glitter and post them online for you to save!
  • Prom Royalty Competition [akin to Prom king and queen] 
    Compete for the title of prom royalty! Two lucky winners with the most votes will score big prizes, bragging rights, crowns, and a dance together!
  • Tacky attire Get your brightest, gaudy, most garish clothes and hair together for this event! The bigger the better, right? We can’t wait to see what kind of horribly wonderful combinations you all come up with!  

When: Friday, March 11th @ 8:00pm EST - 12:30 AM EST

Where: Golden Saucer - Wonder Square’s upper ring :cactuar:


Why: Crescent & The Drunken Moogle aim to provide a fun, unique take on a traditional dance social. We certainly understand that not everyone / everyone’s character will care for this sort of event and that is fine. 


*Big thanks to @sea-wolf-coast-to-coast for creating the flier!*

★ We’d adore your help in spreading the word, thank you!★ 

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And if not come join the Teenage Dirtbag group for the alt/nerd/breakfast-club lot! Why pretend to fit in with the in-crowed when you can hang out with the out-crowed!


Lets all be looking for Noel!







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[12:04][5] Man, wtf did I do last night

[12:04][5] Win prom king?

[12:04][5] I -- THAT WAS YOU?!

[12:05][5] Woke up under a horrific gold robe, naked, surrounded by empty bottles

[12:05][5] My fist curled up, righteously

[12:05][5] Also I blew 160k mgp on dances last night

[12:06][5] (It was a lot of fun)


11/10, would attend again

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*giggles* Had a lot of fun and poor John can't get out of bed because he dance so much.  Hope Sei didn't kill Warren too hard last night.  Would come to this again.  Will be posting up some of the screenshots I got soonish.



In coming photo drop.  I swear I took more then this but I guess the game (or me not hitting printscreen hard enough) didn't take them. *cries over the missing Howl/John dancing screenshot*



*standing next to THE KING, watching Howl and Aya dance*



*Better shot of THE KING, speaking with Chachan*



*THE KING, Aya, and Howl dancing.  My new background for my laptop*



*Another shot of THE KING, Howl, and Aya*



*Shot of John and Aya dancing*

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Super stoked everyone seemed to have a ton of fun last night ♥


The people at Drunken Moogle are amazing and so nice and although my involvement in the planning was pretty minimal, I love and appreciate just how much work everyone put into making this thing happen. We love you DM!

Also, shameless plug- DM just revamped their place! Looks totally amazing, I hope people make a point to spend time at their weekly open bar nights.

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Unfortunately most of my screen shots didn't turn out very well.  So much dancing with people! Alderique, and Chachan, and Howl, and more!


One did turn out well though: Aya having a late-night blast with a mystery dancer!



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8-) The photobooth pictures, gifs, and videos are all up @ Crescent-ffxiv


Thank you SO much for attending and making the night super special and grand!


Here are the two videos from that night. It is unedited and just a compilation of the video-stock I recorded to make the gifs. Within you'll find a few selections of our music from that night. :thumbsup:







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