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Seeker Seeking....

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OOC Introduction

I am Heart Quintessence and I play Yhrea. At the moment she's still very much a work and progress and things re sort of subject to change, but most things listed here are basically 'outlined, and sort of permenant.


About Yhrea:

  • Of Mixed Seeker & Keeper Heritage
  • Born and Raised in Affluence, (there for is wellbred, spoken, and polite) in a city (possibly Sharlyan?)

What I Will RP:

  • Story arcs- I love long stories, one that build and change, and grow. Always looking for Arcs!
  • Short-Term/Walk up/Lounge RP: I enjoy these, its the little things in life that are everyday, that are important as the world shattering events.
  • Romance- yes please, Yhrea's single at the moment and I would enjoy romance (be it one or many, I view Yhrea, as having the ability to love greatly, in a 'Thou and no Other' kind of way) (She's probably going to be a one person Miquote (in the long term), but she may have other lovers.)
  • Conflict- It happens, and I'd like to  to develop her, so all sort of RP are needed.
  • Darker Themes- I am willing to do them, just let me know, and don't spring in on my out of the blue. If it starts to head that way, I'd appreciate a Tell. I'd rather them be important  and not constant.

For Possible Plot Drive/Story Arcs:


I am looking for contacts/friends, foes/enemies, rivals (friendly or hostile). I'm also happy to join an in-progress story arc or perhaps start a whole new one!

  •   Conjurery Mentor: Yhrea is always seeking to depend her connection to the elementals and to nature beyond what the conjurer's guild of Gridania provides.
  • Sharlyan? : Yhrea maybe Sharlyan seeking  attend the same... 'school' that the Scions attended (considering they all speak similarly, they must have a connection other than being Archons formerly.)
  • Seeking othe Miquote: Yhrea grew up else where, and as such is not tied to her root, Seeker or Keeper ( as she is both n her family tree. She's a city born girl, from a reasonably affluent background)
  • Poltiical RP: Yhrea's from a House known as House Arleon.

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Hey there! Seeker here. It would be cool to make some connections in game. R'theqe's kind of a new toy for me as well so I'll take all the connections I can get! My favorite RP are story arcs so I would definitely be interesting in RPing one. If you are ever shoot me a tell or pm if you're interested. 


In game name is R'theqe Matoi. He can be found mostly in the drowning wench bothering Baderon or out hunting monsters!

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Oh damn! Ruen's a mixed blood too *HIGHFIVE* 


I can definitely provide some short bursts of rp; if your character ever seeks work for herself, Ruen can certainly help with that. Plus, he'd definitely be down making contact with someone of higher status; there are opportunities there to be had... *rubs hands together*.

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