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A Show of Fortune! March 20, 3pm EST

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The thaws are thawing, green things are greening, and warmth begins to reassert itself anew as the winter takes its final bows. With the first blooms of love well underway, life turns to striving and growing... and competing.


It's the season when we see our fortunes turn, and having spent a moon in thoughts of romance, we now offer another kind of kiss - one for luck!


Once again, the performers of Eorzea call upon everyone to join together for the next in our recurring series of shows:


[align=center]A Show of Fortune![/align]





When: Sunday, March 20th, 3pm EST


Where: Lifemend Stump (Central Shroud, Northeast of Jadeite Thick)




[align=center]Performance Roster: FINAL [/align]


[align=center]Mina Rhaal and Ciciru Ciru

Quri Ayaala

Savo Kessilvang

Odette Saoirse

Chuta Allfriend

Tiroro Roro

Nebula Stardancer

Leanne Delphium

Nathan Telluride

Jancis Milburga [/align]


Join your entirely too-good-looking and always modest cohosts Nathan Telluride and Ciel Grayve in an event that binds together multiple traditions in celebrating luck, fortune, and the Springtime. We call to performers all across the community to prepare a 3-8 minute presentation - song, dance, stories, acting - for the following theme:


[align=center]"Good Fortune"[/align]




This theme is meant to blend together the recent Chinese new year, St. Patrick's Day, and the joys of Springtime into a single celebration. Good luck, fortune, wealth, being in the right place at the right time, all of these apply, so our artists will have plenty of room to offer interpretations.




[align=center]Guidelines for Performers[/align]


- As with last month's show, this one, too, is not meant to be a burlesque performance. We're going back to our roots for an open event, out in the greens of the Shroud, so do make sure your performance is mindful of the larger community. You can still be flirty and such, though - not that we could stop some of you from that if we tried.


- We ask that each of our artists prepare only ONE performance, to allow the event to run in a timely fashion and to be fair to both veterans and new faces alike. We had a record-setting turnout last month, and we want to be sure that everyone who can meet the theme and the criteria has a fair share of time.


- For the benefit of your own fingers and our time allottance, please have your performance prepared ahead of time, either as macros (for you hardcore tinkerers) or as pre-written lines that can be pasted into dialogue.


- Because we will be in a public location again, we will be re-evaluating the use of /yell for performances; watch this space for updates.






[align=center]Notices for All Attendees[/align]


- In adherence to the themes of this event, we declare that the official colors for A Show of Fortune be Green and Gold. Wear one or combine both! Your hosts cannot be held responsible for any market fluctuations of green and gold dyes that may occur from this theme. Pinching those who do NOT wear green is at the discretion of sensible roleplayers, but we remind you that since this event is not actually being held on St. Patrick's Day, you'd be violating the holiday rules by doing so!


- During performances, as usual, we ask that audience chat that would normally go into /say, /em or /yell be kept in /party chat, and that attendees form into parties to be able to have fun and RP while still allowing others to enjoy the performances.


- We expect to have a 10-15 minute intermission at around the halfway point of the show.


- We will be offering "Fortune Cookies" for the entertainment of our guests - speak to one of our volunteers to get your fortune told by little slips of parchment within crispy treats.




At the end of our show, stick around for a few final words from your hosts, and a sneak preview of our next show.


Come out and perform, or show some love for our performers. Come meet the community, get acquainted with the many faces and voices promoting entertainer RP on the server, and most of all, help us keep this monthly tradition alive. Good luck and good fortune to you all!



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The weaver of the threads has directed her servant to this gathering.


So Nebula will perform... Though my crystal ball says it may be more an audience participation thing if I can pull it off.


Oh and if you need fortune cookies I still have the hundreds I did for a previous event.

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Fun useless fact my high school colors were green and gold. :sleepy:


Happy to hand out fortune cookies as well.


I'll try to think up a fun story or something about fortune (or making fortune) and going for something inspirational.

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Fun useless fact my high school colors were green and gold. :sleepy:


Happy to hand out fortune cookies as well.


I'll try to think up a fun story or something about fortune (or making fortune) and going for something inspirational.


Huzzah! I'll go ahead and reserve you a place on the roster, Jancis, with the option to change your mind... and you doing cookies just makes for a great image. Updated!

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I haven't been to many events since I'm a new roleplayer, and this sounds fun... I'm in. ^^ I may come as either Furu, Hildelith or Nakhu though. ^^


Come on out and meet people, and see what we do! This is a public event. We will encourage you to join a party for RP during the show, so you just might make some new friends while you see some really creative (and maybe slightly mental, but I resemble that remark) people doing their thing.

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