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Hello! It's an honour :D

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Hello to you all! o/


I'm Louise and my characters name is Soren Lier. I joined the Balmung server since I heard it was the main RP server but truth be told, I've generally been too shy to initiate much RP or talk to others since I arrived. I'm new to the game in general and I have a whole tonne of questions regarding lore and stories, but I'm eager to jump into RP as soon as I can!


Generally I go for serious, plot-driven RP. Dark and mature themes are ok, Soren is a Mercenary at present, so if you see me around and you think I won't be too much trouble then please don't hesitate to send me a tell. I try to be literate, coherent (unless I'm tipsy) and friendly at all times (^^)


On a personal note there's little to say. I live in the UK and work full-time, so I'm rarely around during the day on GMT. My work keeps me busy but my true passions are travel, languages, karaoke, sparkling wines and tequila-based cocktails. All in all I'm rather dull unless I'm drunk!


So yeah, please come say hi! I'm always happy to discuss plot, to RP or to just shoot the breeze for a while. Be excellent to each other <3 xxx

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Thank you all so much for such a warm welcome :D You'll regret it when I start harassing you in game no doubt, but really thank you all the same. I'll see you around, I hope! xxx

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