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Is there a bow that looks like this?

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Is there a bow that looks like the one in the photo? Going to level archer for the skills for Summoner to raise my damage output. I thought why not see if I could find a glamour for archer/bard that sort of looks like the attire worn by Lady Shana, the White Silver Dragoon.

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It's a bit more off-model than what you might want, but the Magitek bow might work as well:




You can pick that up with Poetics tokens and a Magitek tomestone once you hit level 50. Plus it's not a bad bow to have in general for leveling past 50 as well, especially if you get it upgraded. But yeah, your options are gonna be kinda limited in the lower levels unless you get the bow from the Lightning Returns event off the Mogstation?




That one is at least a level one you can glamour onto basically any bow.

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Don't you have to be level 50 to glamour though?


Yes, and I'm pretty sure you can't glamour gear down in ilvl, so the i110 bow can't slot onto an i10 bow.


Not sure about the second part, but the first is definitely the case.


That is correct. You can only glamour an item of equal or lower ilevel onto something.

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