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LF Troublemakin' bullies!

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I'm currently looking for fellow characters that enjoy causing a little havoc to the "goody two-shoes" of Eorzea. Not so much to create a linkshell or anything like that..but more-so just for a friend-list kinda', "oh you're online let's do something", kinda' thing.


Now..let me be more specific: I am looking for people that can be professional about causing havoc to the people of Eorzea. What do I mean by professional? I'm not looking for people to run around and start fights and stab stab stabbity stab people and murder and kaosz everywhere. I'm looking for buddies who can take note when guards are around, and lure a target into an alleyway to be mugged. (With the person's OOC consent of course) -- Maybe start up an antagonist storyline with someone, or even a group of people.


Oszlo's purpose of being a jack-hat is that he currently ran into some hardships- I'm hoping to find others who have a *reason* to be a butthead, rather than just randomly choosing to be one out of nowhere for RP. I would tell you more about Oszlo, but what's the fun in that?! RP to find out of course!


So if anyone is interested, let me know- or if there is already a group of people, or you and a few friends already do this, maybe I can pop up and meetchyas?! I'm newer to the community, and game, as a whole- so I keep my character super simple so that I don't step on any of lore's toes. (ouch!)


Let me know if you're interested! ..Or if anyone has suggestions!

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Oh man. As someone who sort of plays one of those goodie-two-shoes, this looks like it has a lot of potential for fun and atmosphere.


First order of business: Let the fine folks at home know around when you're available online! The RPC has a lot of users from all over the world, so learning when people are actually able to be found is the first step in meeting anyone!

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Bullying nerds sounds good.


One of my characters is a low-key criminal who'd scam the shekels out of people who come through Pearl Lane. Not a lot of people come through Pearl Lane for anything other than ERP ;_;

Hopefully we can jam out sometime, always great to see other people doing the crimcrim RP.

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I'm all about this.


While Baby can cause public scenes and chaos due to rude, drunken antics, when it comes to the business side of things he's got tons of experience and can be real slick.


I'll keep an eye out for you if you're online. It's always nice to RP characters that don't have much of a moral compass.

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Oh oh oh pick me! Pick me!




Seriously though, my characters have been causing headaches for the do holders of Eorzea for years. Recently I've semi-retired one and had one killed at the end of a two year plot arc. 


My new character is a merc/bruiser for hire and I'm trying to build him up a network of contacts for more avenues of rp. In game can be found on Hojo'to. 


Give me a poke in game or here via pm if you're interested or have questions! :D

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