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Luchador/WWE Style Wrestling - GET PUMPED

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[align=center]Luchador Night is this coming Wednesday, April 20th @ 9pm EST, Mist; Ward 3; Plot 28 - Balmung Legacy Server! Hosted by Um Rp[/align]



[align=center]MASKS + stage names are required.[/align]



[align=center]The prizes are the mask of your opponent, gil, and something random.

Could be a new sword, could be a cheese wheel.


[align=center]Fights are either won with whoever gets to four successes first on RNgesus or predetermined in holding with traditional WWE wrestling.



[align=center]Each night will have three fights, with winners facing each other, then one battle FOR LUCHADOR SUPREME.[/align]

[align=center]Which means a total of four fighters are needed each night.


[align=center]Sometimes only one extra long, extra ridiculous fight will occur.[/align]


[align=center]This is called; HEADLINNNERSSSSSS!!!






[align=center]This will be OPEN SIGN UP. First come, first serve.




[align=center]Dress in the most ridiculous thing you have. Bright colors are HIGHLY encouraged.[/align]

[align=center]Please be ridiculous. Use of surroundings and furniture is encouraged. Naming attacks things like “double fisted armadillo of justice” is also encouraged.



[align=center]Bring booze + good attitude.[/align]






[align=center]Reminder: This is first come, first serve; There are only four open slots for participants. [/align]




[align=center]For more information, please reach out to Tamm'lin Maertena ingame, pm me here, or Skype @ professormctrex[/align]






[align=center]For in-character hooks, there are fliers plastered every where that can be reached by rather short event organizers. These little fliers are vibrantly colored, with small drawings of wrestlers in spectacular masks throwing each other off a cliff. Each flier gives the promise of wonderous prizes, the date and time this is being held, along with location - And scribbled in the margins are pleas to bring 'the good booze.' [/align]

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They said his lessons were forbidden to all....


But this professor has a new curriculum......OF PAIN!!!


THE SACRED SCHOLAR!!! is here to hammer his lessons into his opponents.  Don't you dare come unprepared for THIS school of hard knocks, lest a spine gets broken and I don't mean his book.

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My schedule won't really allow me to participate beyond watching (and I'm still not set on the particulars of my character just yet), but I'm totally all for this.  I just finished watching last night's Lucha Underground and was musing that an Eorzean Wrestling League would be pretty funny.


Work permitting, I'll try to at least make it to watch!

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This was great fun! :D Glad I went and took my friends along!


Was a bit confused though. Last match, it was getting late and I needed to head out, but didn't want to miss the end. My friend asked what the score was; I counted and they were at 4-4. But after the next roll, the announcer said it was 3-1 (At this point, I had to ditch. :( Who ended up winning? lol.) Were you guys doing Attack and Defend rolls and only a successful Attack roll counts as a hit?


Would be kinda cool if some fighters show up recurringly so we can 'follow' our favorites. xD

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