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Looking for friends/companions/contacts!

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Good day everyone! Name's Vitali and I'll be your host with this post!


I'm always looking for others to RP with but, finding them is a bit frustrating. Mostly because I always fear that I'm going to mess something up or annoy someone. Don't want to be a hassle to someone, y'know?


Anywho, let's get down to the important part: The character.


V'tali Dusk - A Seeker of the Sun Lominsan native who has spent almost his entire life on the deck of a ship and on the piers that litter the city. A carefree individual who dreams of going on adventures and experiencing life to the fullest. Though his definition of that may be a bit more twisted than the average person's. Brawler, fisherman, professional napper. Has a taste for the finer things in life and a case of "Oh! Shiny!". He's also a bit unusual for a Seeker as he loves the night sky and prefers darkness.


Recently in his life his adventurous attitude has driven him to go out and explore. He moves between city-states on a whim. Going wherever the wind takes him! Looking for friends, employers, and even lovers on this grand journey of his!


I'm sure I've forgotten about some little tidbit of vital information so, please, do let me know if there's anything else you need to know about him. ^.^ Looking forward to meeting you. Hope I don't disappoint ya!

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Hi where.


Just curious if you think you will anoy folks due to messing up or because you are obnoxious?


If just messing up don't worry. There are events and linkshells that are aimed at safe environments and many FCs welcome folks picking things up.


Enjoy yourself, observe how others do things and join in.

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I know that feeling - the worry that you're bugging people, or interrupting something, or what have you! It's part of why I get terribly anxious about messaging people, even ones who have given me express permission to do so on this site. But take heart - if you talk to someone and they're busy, the worst you're likely to get is a "hey! sorry, I'm busy right now can we talk later?" or something to that extent.


As for "messing up"... you know, everyone starts somewhere. I'm still pretty new to the game (I've been playing for about a month, give or take a couple days) and I know I still get turned around on some lore bits and what I can/can't do (or even what I should/shouldn't do in some situations). But most people will shrug it off, or if they think it's important they might drop you a /tell with some friendly advice or to discuss alternatives.


That aside, your kid sounds fun! I'm not sure how well he'd get along with my quiet, overly book-absorbed shy scholar catte, but do feel free to send me a /tell sometime if you like!

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You know;


at first I was shy to RP with people I don't know either, it was a daunting task "What if they don't like me, what if I suck at it? What if they point out something in lore that SAHJSWDCFNQWDLBNCQWOKLBCQWEDVCNHQE" etc. I got over it for the most part, then you can find some really amazing stories once you delve into it.

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Please add my character to your list of vict - errr, contacts for RP! :D


Her name is Y'rhenasi Jadel and I try to be IC whenever in a city or out questing so feel free to approach anytime.



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Looking for a generally cynical-minded individual with a piss-poor outlook on people and everything else in the modern world of Eorzea? Maybe someone with musical talents and a capable dancer? Perhaps you just want to soothe the troubled Xaela with a large chip on his shoulder?


If yes to any or all - you my friend could be well on your way to making the acquaintance of one Stroud Forscythe! I typically frequent Ul'dah or Limsa - always happy to meet new faces!


(Don't be shy now! :D)

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Events are a great way to meet people. Since you know they are there to RP!


We are having one on a a few hours!



Some other ones that happen more regularly that I enjoy are


Tuesday nights at Gilded Roses, starts 7pm est

Thursday nights at HoD, starts..I want to say 9pm est.

Saturday nights Grindstone 10pm est (If you are into physical sparring)

Sunday night Runestone 8pm est.

Sunday for Sword and Skillet is a fun time too! But they do every other Sunday so I just keep a look out for it.


And that is just some of them! West and co with Cresent always throws amazing shindigs! I totally recommend stalking the event forum! So many fun things to find xD

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