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FFXII HD (Best Final Fantasy Thread)

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Well then...


2017 for PS4 only. Glad to see they didn't take the "HD upgrade" ideal too far this time and change the original character models into monstrous abominations. Japanese audio is being included in the release though why anyone would want to listen to that over the Glorious English Dub is beyond me. Nice to see we're getting the IZJS version, but I wonder if we'll be allowed to play the vanilla version as well. Something something something reconstructed game design and new systems, cautiously optimistic.


I don't know about the rest of you but I can't wait to play the crap out of a game I've already played the crap out of several times. Any hype I could feel for XIV or XV is just a fart in the wind compared to how much I anticipate this game... again. In fact, SE could literally swap this game and XV's release dates and I would not care one bit. It's a pretty divisive game in a long series, so even if you hated this game I'd still like to hear your thoughts.


Though I think we can all agree THE ZODIAC AGE subtitle is like, over the top lame.

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It's tied with IX as my favourite FF title so I'm ridiculously excited for this. I'll definitely be buying the collector's edition if there's one available! I just hope that the developers of FFXIV take heavy inspiration from XII's antagonists - especially where The Archadian Empire is concerned.

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This is an actual conversation at SE's headquarters. It totally is.*





SE Exec: "Let's make a teaser trailer for our upcoming HD remaster of FFXII."


Media employee: "Okay, I'll put together an HD video of it that will..."


SE Exec: "No."


Media employee: "Huh?"


SE Exec: "I want the trailer video to be crappy resolution."


Media employee: "But then how will they see the true glory of the remaster and..."


SE Exec: "NO."


Media employee: "..."


SE Exec: "What else should we change about it? Hmm."


All the fans: "Retell the story from the eyes of Balthier or Basch instead of dumb Vaan?"


SE Exec: "In-over-their-head teenage assholes are kind of our thing for male heroes."


All the fans: "Cloud wasn't that, and Final Fantasy VII was..."


SE Exec: "We're already remaking that one. It's going to be an action game now."


All the fans: "But we didn't ask for that kind of change, and..."


SE Exec: "Shut up. Keep talking and I'll make it a rail shooter."


All the fans: "..."


SE Exec: "That's what I thought. Okay. Changes. What do we change."


Activist: "How about retelling it from the perspective of Ashe?"


SE Exec: "Eh... we're moving away from female characters. Did you see the XV preview?"


Activist: "I'd been meaning to talk to you about that, because women..."


SE Exec: "Breasts are expensive to animate with realistic physics."


Activist: "What? Compelling characters can be female without that, all you have to do is..."


SE Exec: "Cooties. It's a cooties thing."


Activist: "..."


SE Exec: "I've got it. I know what we'll do new in it besides the shinier visuals."


Everyone: "New mini-games? Added dungeons? An expanded license board?"


SE Exec: "Better."


Everyone: "A new villain who is possibly even more emo than Anakin or Luke?"


SE Exec: "For the last time, this isn't Star Wars."


Everyone: "Are you sure?"


SE Exec: "Yes. Shut up. Do you want to know what's changing or not?"


Everyone: "Please!"


SE Exec: "Subtitle it 'The Zodiac Age'. Awesome, right?"


Everyone: "..."


SE Exec: "People are going to buy this regardless."


Everyone: "..."


SE Exec: "Let's also package a small fart inside the blu-ray case."





*not actually a conversation by anyone at SE

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I think the most exciting thing about this re-release is the promise of HD sound. As impressive as the voice acting was, it was compressed to hell and back so the game could fit on a PS2 disc. Sounded like everyone was talking into a styrofoam cup.


Also re-recorded music and the option to switch between new and original. Looks like SE learned their lesson from the original FFX HD. Judging by the music in the trailer it seems like the new music may be closer to the originals, but who knows. At least we know for a fact we'll be getting another version of the BEST version of Battle on the Big Bridge.





Reeeeeeally hoping this gets some kind of collector's edition. I usually never go for that kind of stuff, but since this is one of my favorite games there are no limits.



Also can't wait for that inevitable PC release a year or so down the line... which I will also gladly pay for again. Though we already know how good the game can look on PC already huehuehue.






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