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E3 Q&A/Liveletter (Mrhappy overview) - RP status icon incoming?


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A couple of very interesting details! 


A very interesting one is that he was asked "Is it possible to add an RP status icon?" To which he said "Yes, I hope the UI team is watching this!" which is basically him saying get to it. So, maybe in the near future we'll finally have a proper way to flag it up when we're IC somewhere :D 


Other things mentioned is that we're getting a /cpose for sleeping poses, and that 3.35 is less than a month away along with details & feedback about deep dungeon, housing and wiping city.

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Maybe they are actually not planning anytime soon to make plot houses in Ishgard so they use that instead...

I may be speculating towards this. I haven't seen them talk about Ishgard plot houses for... 6months or so?

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