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Ruran's Art [Commissions: Closed]


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Alongside sketching way too many portraits, I've been trying to draw other things as well! A lot of these are posted on Ruran's IC tumblr, but not all of them, so I figured I'd show stuff here as well!


Also maybe commission info? ...Someday? Someday.


Sometimes I comic.



And test Photoshop brushes.




And draw other people's characters!





And other such sketches.


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Thank you, everyone! I will very likely be opening up commissions in a month or two, perhaps? Hmm! I'll keep you posted!


Is this a Mikh'a the Miqo'toddler I see? :surprise:


It is indeed! :D

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Thanks, Chip! :D


Here's a sketch for a friend who's been seeming a little down lately. :C Also, my first time traditionally inking something in...a very long while. Feel better, Kuyoh!



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Thanks so much everyone. ;_; I am floored by the idea of people wanting to give me money for art, hhhhh


Finished an art piece for Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa! Was a great exercise to get back in the practice of drawing full characters with full colors, and also try to exercise some detailing.



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Love it! Especially since the only references I assume are from Ilwe's reference sheets of the outfit. Very nice.

They are! Ilwe has a ton of fantastic references, which were immensely helpful. Somehow I still managed to draw the wrong tail in the initial sketch (hngh), but fortunately Ilwe caught the mistake before it went too far!


I adore it, all those details and the pose and the bow and the outfit and the boots !

And you're such a kind person too Ruran !

Thank you. ;_; This was such a fun challenge! At first I was daunted by the Shadow Bow and the decorative trim, but once I got the sketch down and started inking, it was...actually pretty relaxing. There's something nice about losing yourself in little details. I can't thank you enough!

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Well, if you're able to get on right now, I'm currently mining alumen in Eastern Thanalan.


Argh, I'm actually at work right now, but I should be free when I get home. I'll send you a message, and we will plan. +_+

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Drew up some new art for my characters' RPC profiles (Ruran Vas and Madoc Parnell)! Might as well post them here, since the layouts will probably change in the future.




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