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Plunge taken

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I've just today surfaced in Balmung.


It was hard leaving my friends who I'd spent so much time with on Exodus, but I took the plunge and now here I am. So far, I've not done much. I wandered into the Quicksnad and the Forgotten Knight and was happy to see RPers, but I think everyone uses Linkshell. Am I wrong? Otherwise, I joined an FC temporarily.


Now's the time for me to make new friends, so feel free to add Akira Ikari to your lists.


Thanks for having me,




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Most RP is done outside of linkshells, actually! It may have been a quiet night, or perhaps in party chat. But yeah, try again at a different time! Or this weekend, I'm sure things will be bustling.


Don't forget that you can always make a new character on Exodus, if you're missing your friends! You don't have to leave them completely. ^^


Welcome, though! I hope to see you around.

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Oh hey hey! You were the one that added me earlier ago! :D


As for RP activities--Well, mostly walk ups RPs, might want to try visiting the Quicksand in Ul'dah in like.... 4 hours from now or so, I'm sure quite a few would be there RPing and whatnot!


Most people staying there are usually just wallflowers haha (Like me!) Afraid to approach people so it ends up being quiet as we all stare at each other and hope that somebody would approach em! xD

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Oh hey hey! You were the one that added me earlier ago! :D


Tee Hee! Ye! That was me! Thanks for acepting my friend request!


Also, thanks to everyone for the warm welcome! I'm still juggling different ideas for Akira as a character and am unsure of how I want to move forward; what sea I want to sail or upon what ship, if you will.


I'm wondering if there's a way to roleplay knowledge of different jobs or ability to perform different jobs. I "main" Dragoon, but I also love Black Mage, Dark Knight and Astrologian. Is there a way to incorporate all of that into a character?


Should I just make Akira a simple fisherman who secretly works four different dangerous jobs? xD

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I've now met a few people frpm this thread online and it's been a really great experience thus far. Thank you all for being so open and kind; I appreciate it. I look forward to many more fun encounters; provided I get Akira set in stone, of course. ^^

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