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The lore and minions


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I seem to have read many different opinions on minions, and what they actually are, but I'm ultimately more interested with their place in the lore.


We seem to have at least two kinds of minions though:


- The standard ones like the coeurl kitten or the gaelikitten. Those are often considered reasonably as baby version of their respective species? What about the baby bun? Same? Or are they considered as something totally unrelated to those creatures?


- The wind-up ones... Are they even covered by the lore?

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One of countless clockwork servitors discovered in the home of a Gridanian goldsmith recently hanged for the crime of ritual summoning. It is believed while crafting the automatons' date=' he become increasingly obsessed with the void, until the darkness bid him do the unthinkable.[/quote']


The minion descriptions generally have something with their origin.

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Wasn't there some talk of a bit of flavor text placing the You-Kai Watch creatures in Othard or was that debunked? I heard it mentioned in-game but I didn't get any confirmation of it, nor whether it was "youkai" as a concept ala folklore or the actual Pets.


Because if that's true, Great Googly Moogly. Brb bondsref myself.

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The minions can more accurately be divided up into four categories designated in Lord of Verminion (Critter, Monster, Poppet, or Gadget) but you could also easily dissect minions between Automatons and living Bloodborn creatures.


Most minions fall under the automaton category and are usually built using clockwork technology. These include your models, wind-ups, mammets, and voidsent-looking minions. Like Franz said, each minion usually has a lore blurb discussing its origin in the Minion Guide.


While merely a clockwork toy crafted to resemble the twisted survivors of Nym, owners of similar creations claim waking to find their wind-up tonberries propped upon their chests, wooden knives pressed firmly against their throats.

Amalj'aa blacksmith Narujj Boh of the Brotherhood of Ash began dabbling in clockwork after rescuing the mammet minion of an adventurer slain near his forges. This particular sample is the product of moons of meticulous calculations made to reproduce the telltale Amalj'aa tail sway.


Then there's your living, breathing minions that follow you around for whatever reason like pets. Many of these are babies or dwarfs of their kin, like you said, but not all of them. Likewise, why they follow you is usually the topic of their lore blurb in the minion guide.


When the Scions of the Seventh Dawn began clearing out the Waking Sands in preperation for the move to Revenant's Toll, this wide-eyed calf was discovered hiding in a disused linen closet. Though an inquiry was made by the Antecedent herself, it is still not known who was keeping the beast.

The orphaned offspring of one of the many wild boars that inhabit the deep ravines of Xelphatol. Having lost its mother, the tiny beast seeks someone of unmatched strength and boundless courage to teach it the ways of survival. Until that someone is found, you will do most nicely.




As for Yokai, none of the minions have Hydaelyn-centric text and Hino only mentions this in the quest:

I am a tradesman come from far beyond the borders of Eorzea. Though I am a slave to wanderlust' date=' I occasionally return to my homeland where I manage a sizable company that deals in eccentric commodities. Thus the locals called me “the wandering executive,” and I wear the title with pride.[/quote']


Take that as you will. He explains the general concept though so it technically could be used in RP, but fails to mention the belief system or his company being anywhere specific in the world. Though, being Au Ra it's suggested more or less that he comes somewhere from the East.

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