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~.:Starlight Ball and Banquet!:.~ Presented by Pathfinders <d20>!:.~ Fri, Dec 23rd!

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[align=center]Get ready to don your suits and shop for the finest dresses! There will be a Starlight Ball to celebrate the season!


Taking place in the Lavender Beds in Ward 6 Plot 3, the evening will consist of a fully stocked buffet, best dressed contests and a dance mixer to get shy folk out on the starry winter floor! Put on your finery and get ready to celebrate Starlight in style!



OOC Information!


Greetings All! Below are some additional details about the event for your ease! Additionally, the thanks extended to Oriel Durand cannot be overstated! Thank you very much for providing the venue for this event!

The Best Dressed Contests!


There will be 2 best dressed contests! One for the EU timeslot and one for NA! First, Second and Third will all receive a prize! Bring your glamour A-game! Double entries into both contests will not be permitted in the interest of fairness.


Prizes are as follows for both Time Slots!


1st Prize: The 4 Star Himaton, either Caster or Healing!

2nd Prize: The Plush Cushion Minion!

3rd Prize: A Nana Bear Minion!


The Dance Mixer!


In order to put your character's name into the hat for the dance mixer, you will whisper the appropriate individual when they ask for it in /y! We will be making an effort to match up dancers with their preferred partners! When you whisper the Mixing Host please give them your Character Name you would like them to call you by and your partner preference. Preferences in this case are: Male, Female, or No Preference.


Examples: Maril Hawker, No Preference | Eddard Holt, Female | Abagail Graves, Male


Again, this is not YOUR gender. This is your preference in partner.


We'll have people behind the scenes working spreadsheets and getting that worked out. However, since we are going to this effort please understand that you may need to wait a round or two in order to be paired up with a partner of your preference depending on turnout! The amount of dance rounds will be determined by demand. We thank you for your understanding!


Did you already come with your own partner? That's totally fine! Get on out there and enjoy the music when it suits you! You needn't be called to dance!


Food and Drink!


The food and drink at the event is free! Your character does not have to ICly pay nor is there any kind of OOC gil charge or cover for this event! There is a buffet stocked with food waiting to be lined up at and tables waiting to be sat at!


The venue is currently set up with THREE open bars! Yes, you heard me. Open. Bars. These bars will be NPC'd by Elezen behind the counters! Feel free to emote with them or interact with them as you deem fit!




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>Open Bar


Can we bring our own containers to the event?


Reinhold Allemand is paying so I don't see why not! He has also promised a delicious dessert table...If you can get Shou and Abby to share with you that is.



See you all tonight! Abby will be there as her grumpy self forced to dress fancy!

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This is my first time RPing on Balmung and OMG THE SCROLL


WELCOME TO BALMUNG! I'm excited that your first time is at one of our FC events! I hope you have a great time and make plenty of friends for your character :D


Thank you! Even if the scroll is a little overwhelming for a newcomer (I wish there were chat addons that would let me use different colors for characters mine is conversing with or SOMETHING), I am liking what I see of the community so far!


Hey if the two ladies I was RPing with see this, my computer just imploded! Poor bootcamp'd Mac is a little uncomfortable with gaming. :( I'm going to give it a couple minutes and try again, but if that doesn't work sorry for disappearing and thanks for the RP!!

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Thank you to all who came out to support our event both during the EU time slot and the NA time slot. We would like to offer a special thanks to Maril and Himeko for making sure things ran smoothly for the dances and the contest. And finally a super special thanks to Teadrinker who was kind enough to coordinate this and put it all together and decorate it all. Hope you all had fun!


Some pics ((I am terrible at remembering to take these, if any others have some they would like to share feel free))





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T H A N K - Y O U ♦  F R O M  ♦ T H E - K N I G H T S - O F - E O R Z E A


F O R - D 2 0


My character got to meet the wonderful Chee Smith. Thanks for everything and making Starlight very special, it was fun and the atmosphere was perfect. Grade A Entertainment.


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T H A N K - Y O U ♦  F R O M  ♦ T H E - K N I G H T S - O F - E O R Z E A


F O R - D 2 0


My character got to meet the wonderful Chee Smith. Thanks for everything and making Starlight very special, it was fun and the atmosphere was perfect. Grade A Entertainment.




It was awesome to meet you too! :D Be more than happy to RP with you again sometime soon. ^^


To the event organizers: thanks again fro organizing such a lovely event! I had a lot of fun in the EU slot. <3

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