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I have returned, I pledged my word...


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Greetings one and all!



I am ashamed to admit it has been close to four year since my last visit to these fine forums and, naturally; since I have had a decent roleplay. While I’ve been off at University I’m so pleased to return and see that the roleplaying community here stands stronger than ever. I am most eager to leap back into the fray and reintroduce my oldest and most beloved character known as Remis Locke upon the world and hopefully make a fair few friends along the way. 


I'm not sure how to go about these welcome posts, but I suppose I should say a little about myself. I live in the United Kingdom, so to those European players out there please do point me in the right direction if there are any free companies or linkshells going. I have also roleplayed for the best part of 12 years now from game to game. Remis Locke is my main character on Balmung, you'll most likely see me roaming around Ul'dah trying to get back into the sway of things.


Anyway, it's good to be back. I hope to see you in game!

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Hey there and welcome to Balmung!


The best place to start is with the Balmung RP Calendar and finding a few events that angle toward the kind of RP you're interested in.  Then you can start looking at other character profiles once you've found a few characters or personalities you'd like to meet.  While you're window shopping, be sure to check out the Free Company Hall or the Linkshell Hall to find Free Companies and public groups that may suit your character.  If you're ready to put yourself out there and find some new friends, stop by the Making Connections forum and start fishing for some roleplay!


For lore questions, be sure to check out Sounsyy's Lore Compilations; she's done an amazing job with compiling a lot of the game lore into easy-to-find threads!


You're welcome to add me to your friends list; I'm a fairly busy person, both in-game and out, but I'm always happy to schedule/arrange a day to roleplay with folks!  You're also welcome to come out to my Free Company's open roleplay evening Nights on the Toll, which happens every Thursday that I'm not hosting the Gridania Story-Go-Round.


All that said, I hope you find what you're looking for and hopefully I'll see you around in-game!

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I thought I recalled that name! I've seen it pop up in some of the archives here and there!


Welcome back to the RPC! It's probably changed a bit since your last visit.


There have been a couple forum reorganizations and introductions, like the character Workshop, Lore Discussion, and Fun Prompts boards, as well as new Gallery display options, the introduction of an integrated chat, among others.


Most, if not all of the staff have also likely changed, but our goals are the same as ever. If you need any assistance with anyone on the site, feel free to contact me any time or create a thread in the Requests forum. They are private!

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