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RPC Census, Part V (Romance--CLOSED)


In terms of romance, how does your character lean?  

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  1. 1. In terms of romance, how does your character lean?

    • Heterosexual
    • Homosexual
    • Bisexual
    • Pansexual
    • Asexual
    • Other
    • I'd prefer not to answer

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This poll may be a bit 'odd' to some but it was in high demand and people were genuinely interested in the results. So please remember that we're all adults and please act as such. Should you be uncomfortable with this poll or disagree with it, you are free to not vote at all and wait for next week's poll. Alternatively, I've added a special option to the poll just for people if they still want to contribute without actually contributing (if that makes sense).


I've left the poll titled "romance" instead of "sexuality" because I feel it's a better indicator. One's orientation doesn't always have to be equated with sexual behavior and can instead just as easily refer to emotional attachment. As such, should you post details, please keep them appropriate for the forums. Nobody wants/needs to know how freaky your character may/may not get in the bedroom >.>. I'd personally suggest keeping posts mainly focused on what kind of characters (gender, personality, looks, etc) your character is attracted to. You may also want to post your character gender to further add to the results ^^.


Options are: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual (still don't get the difference with this one to bisexual but added it anyway due to demand :P ), asexual, other, and no answer. Remember, this polls is aimed at what your character is, not what the player is.

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I guess I'll start since I just realized I haven't posted in any of these yet for my characters -.-


Ky does indeed swing both ways. He does have an inclination to go for male over female though, but that's mostly because he has a "white knight complex" (is that even real? >.>; ) where he kind of has a very fatal attraction to the strong 'heroic' type. He's primarily drawn to hyur, followed by miqo'te, followed by elezen. He is not at all attracted to roegadyn or lalafell (sorry!). Basically, as a guy, all one has to do is be really nice and understanding of him and that's almost enough to warrant a crush xD. Add danger to the equation and he becomes even more fascinated with the guy (ie: mercenary, etc). Physically, they have to be well built (sorry scrawny dudes). Less scars is better, and good hair can't hurt ;)


Women are very different in regards to who Ky is attracted to. He likes women who are classy (ie: rich, fashionable, and well-mannered), strong-willed, and seductive. Physically, they generally need to be in good shape (some curves are okay). He likes long hair on women as well. Personality, anyone who's not a total biotch will do xD. Preferably motherly in nature though.

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Kerr (who is a guy) is considered bisexual by an extremely small margin. He greatly prefers men in his romantic relationships and tends to fall for them faster emotionally. With women, he forms very strong attachments. And while he can (/cough) 'participate' in bed with a woman, he finds them emotionally frightening. Every woman from his past that he has loved has died a violent death -- two he considers himself responsible for. 


He tends to feel that women bring more trouble to him than they are overall worth, yet he can never turn them away when they need help as women have shaped most of his life. However, due to his complex, it is difficult for him to form deep, lasting relationships with them. IE: they get friend-zoned a lot. It would take a very extraordinary woman to hold his heart long enough to have him commit to a formal relationship.

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I haven't answered to one of these thingies yet either, but Xenedra finally doesn't fall exactly under a category, so I figured I'd ramble a little:


Xenedra. Likes. Men. A lot. Whether it's as a sexual partner or for simple conversation, she generally finds the company of men superior to that of women. She finds most women to be too shallow, or silly, or stuck up for her to get along with, but ALSO realizes that she can be all of these things and would probably annoy herself if there were two of her. She accepts her hypocrisy fully! Men don't bicker about silly woman things and she appreciates this. At least half the time they're likely to be nicer to her because she is an attractive female and not only does she appreciates this, but she uses it to her advantage!


HOWEVER! There have been cases where she is fond enough of a woman where she might consider sleeping with them for a bit of fun. In general, she uses sex as a tool for pleasure instead of a means of lovey-dovey intimacy. Thusly, women (and transgendered, etc, etc) are not completely ruled out of her "sure, I'd hit it" equation and she has no problem with flirting with them publicly as well. Race is also not a factor in her choices for a partner, though she does tend to lean toward Hyur and Elezen for purely aesthetic reasons.


Still, I would list her as heterosexual because she actively seeks out male partners, but not female ones.

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I cast my vote for Eva (who is a duskwight elezen woman) for heterosexual - however it may be more accurate to say that she has very mild bi-curious tendencies. She prefers men, though has not actually been with very many, and has never been with another woman. Those men that she has been with have all been elezen, which suits her preference and upbringing. She also feels a strong physical attraction to roegadyn men but kind of dismisses the notion of being with one as something girlish and silly. She has on occasion also felt a strong physical attraction towards hyur men (usually highlanders but not always), and more rugged lalafell men on occasion as well. She generally does not express any sexual interest in miqo'te men, however was at one time surprised by strong impulses towards a miqo'te woman. While Eva was unattached at the time, nothing ever came of this attraction for a multitude of reasons.


While there are too many factors to go into any great detail in one post, the quality she finds most attractive in a prospective mate is kindness. She also seems to generally be drawn towards more submissive men. As with many things there is always an exception, and her relationship with Oskar (who is pretty well regarded by most who knew him to exhibit about as much kindness as a flu virus) was something of an anomoly in this regard, though she loved him fiercely in spite of that and will probably continue to mourn his passing well into ARR - at least to some degree.


As far as her friendships go, she holds no preference whatsoever and considers herself friendly with men and women of all five races, not placing any above or below another.

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Remi is homosexual. Which I believe for those who know the character is one of the things fairly well known about her.

For her, sexual orientation has always been a defining part of who she is, I think, and she doesn't really tip-toe around the matter when it comes up. She doesn't dislike attention from either gender, but makes it pretty clear where she stands.


As for what she looks for... Well, she has broad tastes I guess. >u>;;

But then her standards are also pretty high, and she has no real place for people who are quick to violence or brash in nature, prefering those with dispositions on the opposite end of the spectrum.


Um... Races! She'd probably put them in order something like~ Hyur, Miqo', Elezen, Roegadyn...


Haha! While writing this Xenedra posted, which I find amusing 'cause Remi's something like the opposite. She finds males typically shallow, predictable and dull and contrastingly women far more interesting and exciting.

That said, male friends tend to make far more stable long term companions on the non-sexual side.

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Gospel is asexual. If we went by a black and white description of his sexuality, he would be labeled as heterosexual but just because he prefers women, that does not mean he is attracted to them. It's actually rather tough to go into detail describing why he's exactly like this but for as long as he can remember, he's pretty much always been this way. If people flirt with Gospel he'll usually reply with kindhearted disinterest. However, there have been people in the past who have actively managed to pull him into brief relationships. Sadly, these flings never lasted longer than a few suns, mainly do Gospel's overall disinterest and lack of passion towards his suitor, which ultimately resulted in his few known lover's hearts to break.

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Leanna is bi. She really doesn't care which gender you are, as long as you are friendly and committed.


Races? She'd prefer Lalafell, since taller races are a bit intimidating. (She'll be friends with them, but... Lalafell are more her style.) Looks don't matter to her, really.

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Despite K'aworu has no experience at all, I tried to answer based on how I feel he'd end up, which would be homosexual. That said, he's not actually..actively hunting or anything. I don't know that he's actually interested in relationships or anything.


[After writing that, I've a feeling I should've technically picked asexual, but whatever.]

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Um.. M'kheda likes girls but is SUPER shy around the cute ones..  :blush:


haha :thumbsup:


I was just super confused. I thought you said M'hleaka, which is Aysun's stage name. I was like WUT?



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Um.. M'kheda likes girls but is SUPER shy around the cute ones..  :blush:


haha :thumbsup:


I was just super confused. I thought you said M'hleaka, which is Aysun's stage name. I was like WUT?



ahaha that would b weird if we picked the same name :P  almost tho  >.>  <.<


great minds? o snap  :0

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Alothia would classify herself as heterosexual. She tends to admire the male form and generally have emotional connections with males.


Now, I wouldn't put it past her to consider a female were a connection of that nature to be established, but it hasn't happened yet, and I think the chances of it happening are slim to none.


So Alothia is heterosexual.

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In any case, Estera is asexual/panromantic. Not that it'd be easy for anyone to get close enough to her for romance to develop, but she really doesn't have a preference towards any race/gender/body type in particular. You just have to respect her need for personal space and preferably think that hunting together is a fantastic date activity and also not be afraid to confront her about her emotions or past but you'd have to be REALLY close for her to tolerate that.

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Rhio is attracted to people. Mild details like gender don't enter into that.


One could argue that this isn't technically the case; she's got a soft spot for shy, silly, and dignified men, which isn't really true in the inverse. But the mechanics are less important as a rule. If she meets a person whom she's attracted to, she will pursue them and worry about matters between the sheets at a later date. That makes her pansexual by any standard you care to use.

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Ban identifies best with demiromantic/pansexual. 


Lately, I've imagined that unfortunately being a miqo'te male (Keeper of the Moon, there's an added pressure of being much rarer) for him often evokes (invokes?) a feeling of shame in regards to his sexuality and he feels he should be obligated to seek out sexual relationships with women more often. In that regard, would he present himself as hypersexual but has trouble in the bedroom, or as an indifferent asexual?

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Being as I'm about as gay as a unicorn dancing under a double rainbow with a bunch of fairies, flowers, and probably a few scented candles with just a bit of flannel, Winter is going to be rather gay. Sadly (by which I mean not sadly at all) my player tendencies are going to reflect a bit in my character if I play her for so long. My experiments with playing bisexual (and one or two straight) characters always left me feeling a bit on the "eeeeh" side.


Races, well, probably any, though, again, I'm sure my own biases will show, and some roegadyn woman will totally catch my eye.





One's orientation doesn't always have to be equated with sexual behavior and can instead just as easily refer to emotional attachment.


Major kudos.

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I've been having a bit of trouble putting my exact thoughts on Manari's sexuality into words. I can easily give you the TL;DR version, though. Manari has had strong feelings for both men and women. For that reason I had to choose bisexual, because she has been with both men and women at some point.


Manari's own IC thoughts on the matter aren't so black and white. The way she was raised, the way her tribe had to be, romantic relationships with woman and men couldn't happen. There were just not many men in her Keeper of the Moon tribe. As such, women being with other women was common and something that wasn't really looked at as making you gay or bisexual.


Manari certainly and absolutely perfers to be with a man over a woman. She has, however, found comfort in the arms of women after relationships with men didn't turn out so well, and has actually fallen deeply in love with one particular woman at one point, which is the sole reason I felt I needed to choose bisexual.


Currently she is extremely happy in a relationship with a man, one of her own race no less, which means a lot to her.

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Uruvion(duskwight male elezen) will be mostly hetero with a little bi curiosity. He is attracted to women but he has found that he is also attracted slightly to very kind and gentle men. He has been married once, his first and only long term relationship throughout his life, which ended badly.


His race preferences are Miqo'te, Elezen, Hyur, Rogadyn, Lalafell. In that order.

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I always imagined Jet'a to be heterosexual. Coming from a matriarchal society such as the Keepers of the Moon, Jet'a grew and was educated to look at females as superior to him. He knows that he cannot carry over the tribe's name with his offspring (since both male and females do not take any part of the father's name, according to the naming conventions), and as such as little interest in mating, and any romance he'd experience would have him being very submissive to any woman he'd be with, or respectful if we want.


As such he probably is too devout to the importance of women to 'dislike' them in terms of sexual orientation, but at the same time, he is too respectful of them to make the first move in a relationship. This doesn't mean he'd feel obliged to accept a female's attentions if they started to, how to say, 'hit on' him. Being the strict and focused man he is, he'd likely avoid, however as kind as possible, any interested partner that wouldn't show the seriousness to carry on a stable relationship. He isn't the one-night-time type.


As for Blue... She has to figure it all out still, so I didn't vote on her behalf.

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I voted heterosexual for Fearless.  He loves the ladies that's for sure.  He is your typical red blooded male, enjoying the many /qualities/ females have to offer.  This does not mean he views women as just things to have fun with.  No no no he has a deep respect for women, admiring not only their beauty but also their strength, their knowledge of things, and other things.


As for romance, Fear has a tendency for going after girls that you probably wouldn't take home to meet mom but that doesn't mean he hasn't had the "good" girlfriend they just tend to just disappear. 


His upbringing in a small community never exposed him to the other options or they were kept hidden really well.  So when he entered the world, the notion of other relations and such shocked him but over time he grew to see it as a norm and respect the people and their decision.  To each their own.


Fearless has been flirted with by other males and I know some who have crushes on him.  In response to these he has either politely declined their advances or he ran. [it was a pretty comical sight]


One question I do have, what about a bromance? Does that go under other?  Fear has a really strong bromance with a Corvus member, who happens to be gay but Fear doesn't know that.

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Armi is Heterosexual.


As for her type... hmmm I've never actually thought about it, so that's an interesting thought process. I personally prefer Highlander males and Miqote Males, but I'm not sure Armi would make such a preference. When it comes to race, Armi is equal opportunity.


When it comes to personality... Armi is witty and funny but she's not super outgoing (She's my opposite in that respect, I'm very loud mouthed and outgoing, she's more pulled back. Not shy, just a bit reserved), so I think someone who would bring out that silly side of her would be attractive to her. Guys who can make her laugh and seem to have a light heart would be her favorite type. If they are too dark, she becomes almost motherly and stops seeing them as a perspective mate and more of someone who needs to be taken care of. She has a bit of melancholy in her herself so I think she believes that people who are too dark would have the power to drag her down with them, so she'll help but not get too close. Those who are lighthearted she admires, I think.


Yeah, that sounds about right xD

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