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I make stupid decisions.


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Consistently. It's a real problem. It's not due to a lack of foresight so much as it is due to something resembling blind hope or nihilistic disregard and consistently asking "How bad can it be?"


In this case, the only way to find out just how bad this particular decision is will be to reflect on it later.


Anyway, you can read the name, I pop in and out of here. I run Misericorde, a guild old enough to be a shitty teenager. We've never been particularly big, or well liked, or high profile, so this isn't to spark recognition, more just checking off an aggregated list of shit I see people rattling off.


I mean, I'm gonna be super straight with you, audience: I'm just going through the motions here for lack of direction. Bullet points will probably save us all time.


  • Guild might recruit, might not, don't know yet.
  • I write stories, and I might post them
  • Thanks, but no thanks on the "Welcome back" business, this is more a wave as I brush by the front desk.


There. Saves me rambling, saves you reading, and we can all go on about whatever we're going on about.

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