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Swashbuckling smuggler LF connections

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OOC: Heyo RPC community.  I've been RPing for...Oh, over a decade by now, arrived to Balmung and digging into FFXIV lore for the last three-ish weeks. Been to a few events around here, but looking for something my character can really dig his teeth into. Platonic friendships, intimate relationships, the works, really. Never really wrote one of these down before, so sorry in advance if I leave something out.


RP style: MRPer


IC info: Lucius, also going by 'Luci' has just arrived to Eorzea this past moon. His current profession is as a smuggler, or really just a trader who doesn't really see the need to pay for taxes. His original plans for coming to Eorzea was to have a nice nest egg to live off of, but instead he's managed to arrive with merely a 'respectable' amount of gil to his name. Going by his name alone one can assume he was born and spent quite a bit of time in Garlean territory, though any specifics beyond that he is typically loathe to share. He's lost quite a bit in his lifetime, and hopes to regain some of what he's lost with his time spent in Eorzea, no matter the moral implications.


He tries to read a room/situation before acting. If, say, he is surrounded by beautiful women he will be much more flirtatious (Although he doesn't seem to know how to react sometimes when they are reciprocated). Reverse the situation with a bunch of burly Roe, and he might just quietly sip his drink in peace. Until he gets so drunk he joins in and tries to belt out a bawdy song or two. Poorly.


As a smuggler, lately he's been used to running from fights than joining in them, since when he does piss people off it tends to be entire groups. Or villages. Or armadas. But if there's a fight he can't run away from he turns back with surprising skill, using a custom made pistol and dagger, using surprising agility for a hyur his size. Although he doesn't seem to be currently using his preferred weapons of choice...


OOC Note: As noted in thread name, his fighting style eschews towards fighting on decks instead of solid land. Although his job is a ninja for now, he'll likely segue into Red Mage. But with magitek. His 'boat' may or may not fly. He also has that pirate accent, but it might just be for the sake of appearances.


A prime example of a functioning alcoholic, Lucius can always be found with a mug or flask in hand.


Also rope. After almost falling off his ship the first time, he learned there's no substitute for a good piece of rope to tie yourself down.


RP hooks?


-Smuggling, or other skullduggery

-Bars/taverns/Any place that serves alcohol

-Ships, both naval and airborne



-Alcohol. ...About 80% of any time he has to himself will usually include imbibing.

-Fencing, and more obscure forms of martial prowess.


He likely did 'bad things' in his life before this, but doesn't really seem too keen on redemption nor absolution. He does have scruples however. Prime example would be no interest in slave trading/smuggling people. The latter one he could be talked into with enough Gil, but the former goes against his free spirited nature. 


...I feel like I wrote too much. Never really done one of these 'making connections' threads before. Ah well. Hrm. Dunno what else I should put down before I might as well write a biography. 


Character Name: Lucius Aurelius 

Race: Hyur Highlander Male

Age: 34-36 Turns (The booze might've made him forget a turn or two)

Moral compass: Gray

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with some Lawful Neutral tossed in there


Alright, that should be enough? If interested, post, send a DM, or send an in-game whisper. I usually show up around 6pm CST. 




If you got this far, thanks for reading. ^^

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Welcome to the RPC!

You didn't write too much!  Your character sounds like a great one.  


There's fun to be had all over Balmung and tons of different FCs for you to join. Judging on your character's description, he'd fit in perfectly with Mischief's Coven.  Even if you decided not to join the FC, you can still set up contacts and such to get jobs for your character.


Here's the link to our recruitment page; 



Also, our tavern is usually open most nights unless its a FC event our fearless leader has going on. So if you're in the mood to RP, drop on by!  Send me a friend request in game and we can RP!


Welcome again!


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Welcome.. I would say Limsa RP! There are a few active there and some (quiet) link shells around "pirate life".


I can vouch for Rhenasi's mention of Mischief's Coven, an active bunch of skulduggery. There are a few more and I'd recommend going to their events to scope the scene.


For myself, I have a Pirate Witch who is running around Limsa. Though she is more crazy than malicious.

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Hey there, and welcome aboard the RPC! :thumbsup:


Rhen and Nebbs already said everything to say, but since you don't have a welcome desk thread, I figured I'd bomb in here too. If nothing else, though, you're certainly welcome run into Kasi sometime for an arm wrestle and a drink!

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Hey there, and welcome aboard the RPC! :thumbsup:


Rhen and Nebbs already said everything to say, but since you don't have a welcome desk thread, I figured I'd bomb in here too. If nothing else, though, you're certainly welcome run into Kasi sometime for an arm wrestle and a drink!


*blinks slowly*


...Huh. Totally missed that topic. ...Should probably go and...make that...

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My friend and I are currently recruiting for a brand new FC.

We're recruiting mainly officer positions, but we're looking for new friends too (it's a trading company that is morally...ambiguous in how it operates and looks to expand help into dangerous territories in Doma/Ala Mhigo).

More info: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18958

Our company is based out of Limsa for now thanks to all the ports.


OR if you want to try your hand at being an officer and helping us build up, more info here: http://ffxiv-roleplayers.com/showthread.php?tid=18961


If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to PM me or contact me in-game (Charce Noirterel) or the other leader (Soren Shieldbreaker)

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