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Current Player seeking new GMT(ish) Connections/FC

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Howdy folks! 


Looking for people that operate close to GMT timezones, or at least have people active during these times. As my shifts have changed I can no longer stay up all night sadly. 


Current character is seeking new connections/Free company. Preferably based around Mercenary work or crime.


Aurum is the daughter of a wealthy noble that has decided to eschew the family traditions and comfortable lifestyle and has decided to hunt down her sister whom went the same way. (Sadly deceased) Turning from her original occupation of manipulating nobles she has taken too her strength of arms and training to forge her own path! Can be found within Ul'dah pretty easily


Contact: Isabelle Aurum


Thanks in advance!

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Hi there! 


Here's some links to help you in your search for EU-friendly RP! I would recommend checking out the EU RP Directory for a listing of FCs, LSs and players who all play in a similar timezone. 


There is also the Balmung EU Player LS (they have a discord too), which is a good place to meet other roleplayers OOC and arrange connections, see events that you can attend and just chat with people who play on the server. 


Good luck in your search for RP! As a fellow GMT player, there is plenty to find if you look in the right places. :D

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I'd be happy to connect, if this is EU times.. like before midnight and also day time at the weekends.


Despite having a healthy EU number on Balmung and some LS and FCs there is still a deficit of RP activity until the later evenings and beyond.

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